You Can’t Persuade Republicans, Part Infinity

Chris Mudd is the CEO of Midwest Solar, a solar panel installation company based in Iowa. His business has picked up in a big way since President Joe Biden came into office. Mudd admits as much, telling CNN that “there are lots of grants available to business owners. The tax credit.” That’s nice to hear since Biden has made solar and renewable energy a big part of his administration’s focus.

This is where the record scratches as, according to CNN, Mudd would “prefer that tax credit money be spent on a border wall and hopes for a Donald Trump comeback.” Mudd tells CNN that he doesn’t think Donald Trump is “perfect.” In fact, he doesn’t even like the guy. “Personally, I’m not a big fan of who he is and what he does and how he lives. But I think the decisions and the things that he did for our country were good.”

Like what, exactly? Trump’s 30% solar tariff? His other financial attacks on the renewable energy industry? The Republican tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans? His disastrous handling of the global pandemic?

This all comes from a profile series CNN is running where they talk to Trump supporters in the heartland to find out what they’re thinking about and stuff. These are the kind of people who will likely help decide the Republican nominee for president in 2024. The everyman Republican America piece on the Mudds was filmed back when Donald Trump was only indicted two times. It aired on Thursday. It is a masterclass in the theory of cognitive dissonance.

Chris Mudd is a second-generation, lifelong Iowa Republican. The Solar CEO’s daughters, representing the newest generation of the Mudds, are Democrats—go figure.

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

You Can’t Persuade Republicans, Part Infinity

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