‘You Bet!’: Peter Doocy Taken To The Woodshed By John Kirby

On Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joined John Kirby, the NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, at the press briefing.

This comes at the heels of a summary that was just released, stating, “President Biden’s choices for how to execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan were severely constrained by conditions created by his predecessor.”

The Trump administration “provided no plans for how to conduct the final withdrawal or to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies,” the White House stated. “President Biden had committed to ending the war in Afghanistan, but when he came into office, he was confronted with difficult realities left to him by the Trump Administration.”

Doocy had questions!

“You’re saying that you guys are proud of the way this mission was conducted?” Doocy asked Kirby, somewhat incredulously.

“Proud of the fact that we got more than 124,000 people safely out of Afghanistan? You bet,” Kirby shot back. “Proud of the fact that American troops were able to seize control of a defunct airport and get it operational in 24 hours? You bet. Proud of the fact that we now have about 100,000 Afghans, our former allies and partners, living in this country and working toward citizenship? You bet!”

“Does that mean that everything went perfectly in that evacuation?” Kirby asked. “Of course not.”

“No one is saying that everything went perfectly, but there was a lot that went right,” he continued. “And a lot of Afghans are now living better lives in this country.”

“So, yeah, there is a lot to be proud of, Peter,” he added.

Go put some ointment on those burns, Peter.

Update: He’s not done!

‘You Bet!’: Peter Doocy Taken To The Woodshed By John Kirby

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