Woman shot down by cops after waving pellet gun in midtown

A California woman unleased terror after allegedly pointing a pellet gun at crowds of people in midtown Sacramento, including cops, that led to an officer-involved shooting.

The Sacramento police released a series of videos and 911 recordings detailing how the shooting involving 43-year-old Linh Saeteurn unfolded. 

Cops responded to the call for someone with a gun in midtown Sacramento at 12:15 pm on May 20, according to police.

Then within 20 minutes, more calls flooded dispatch reporting a woman running around the same area with a gun. 

“There’s a woman waving a gun around. Spouting gibberish,” one of the 911 callers reported. 

When officers spotted Saeteurn, she took off running. Chasing the gun-toting suspect in their police cruisers, K9 officers eventually hunted her down on foot.

Bodycam footage shows police shooting a California woman accused of pointing a gun at officers and civilians on May 20.

‘Drop it now! Drop it!’

In the videos, police yelled for Saeteurn to drop her weapon: “Get on the ground! Drop it now! Drop it!”

Instead, Saeteurn pointed it at the officers and takes a step toward them. 

That is when two officers opened fire.

After the shooting, police officers recovered an airsoft firearm that was in the suspect’s hand. 

Sacramento Police later determined 43-year-old Linh Saeteurn was armed with a pellet gun after the non-fatal shooting.

The Sacramento Fire Department transported her to the hospital, where she is listed in stable condition. None of the police officers were injured.

After receiving medical clearance, Saeteurn will be booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on related charges.  

The police-involved shooting is being investigated by the Sacramento Police Department’s Homicide Unit, Internal Affairs Division, and Professional Standards Unit. 

The Law&Crime Network’s Sierra Gillespie contributed the reporting for this story.

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Woman shot down by cops after waving pellet gun in midtown

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