Woman Discovers Preek In Rice and Stew She Bought From Town (VIDEO)

Things are really happening in the world, the less you pay attention, the more you fall victim.

A woman has complained in a new viral video after discovering Preek in a bowl of rice and stew he bought from town.

The woman shared the video as she storms the seller to showcase what she just discovered.

In the video, the woman, whose name is withheld, was seen holding a half-eaten bowl of rice.

She is seen holding the alleged Preek as evidence as the seller of the food seats in awe.

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As expected, netizens reacted:

Why do people laugh on posts like this? Shouldn’t this rather be worrisome? I don’t understand you people.

Nah mumu go see this post dey laugh what’s funny there fools?

And you don chop the rice finish before you observe say na prick remain

U sure say person Neva ch-p human beings for this country?

Dicklan Rice Don enter Naija from Arsenal? This is Worrisome honestly.

Omg this looks like a real one that the restaurant reds to be questioned

Indeed, what you eat is very important. Pay attention. Don’t forget to share to alert others.

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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Woman Discovers Preek In Rice and Stew She Bought From Town (VIDEO)

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