Windows 11 Build 26040: New Install UI, Mobile Devices, Archive Options, and More

Today, we’re delving into Windows 11 Build 2640. This build brings a host of noteworthy changes and enhancements, making it worth the exploration. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Mobile Devices Integration

One standout feature in this build is the improved integration with mobile devices. Navigating to the Bluetooth and devices section in Settings reveals a new page dedicated to mobile devices. Unlike the existing Phone Link app, this feature focuses primarily on photo notifications.

If you access the manage devices option, a new app prompts you to log in to your Microsoft account. After logging in, you can easily link a mobile device by scanning a QR code. This facilitates a seamless connection, allowing photos taken on your phone to appear on your computer instantly.


Task Manager Icon Update

Moving on, Task Manager receives a visual update with a fresh icon. This change adds a touch of modernity, refining the visual aesthetics of the Task Manager.

Revamped Windows Installation UI

Surprisingly, the Windows installation UI undergoes a makeover in this build. Although not entirely in line with the Windows 11 aesthetic, the updated design is a step towards modernization. Users can now move the installation window, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Additional Archive Options in File Explorer

File Explorer introduces a new feature when creating compressed files. Right-clicking and selecting “compress to” now reveals an “additional options” menu. This legacy interface offers more archive format choices, compression methods, and the ability to adjust compression levels, providing users with increased flexibility.

Windows 11 Build 26040: New Install UI, Mobile Devices,

Taskbar Thumbnail Animations

While not fully functional in this build, there’s evidence of upcoming animations in the taskbar thumbnails. Once implemented, hovering over an app icon will showcase animated thumbnails, enhancing the user experience.

Unfinished Features: Energy Save Mode and Device Renaming

Several features are in progress, including an energy-saving mode available in Settings, aimed at reducing energy consumption by limiting background activities. Additionally, the ability to rename devices within the Nearby Share section highlights ongoing enhancements.

Weather Interface on Lock Screen

The lock screen receives attention with a richer weather interface. While one variant displays textual weather information, there’s another, more visually appealing version with weather glyphs. However, both versions currently direct users to for detailed weather information.

Recap and Conclusion

In conclusion, Build 26040 introduces substantial changes and teases upcoming features. From mobile devices integration to a refreshed installation UI, Windows 11 continues to evolve. Keep an eye out for these exciting updates, and thank you for joining us in this exploration. Until next time, bye-bye!


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