Why Were Stephen Lee, Harrison Floyd, And Trevian Kutto Indicted?

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, a Georgia mother and daughter, were two election workers who volunteered to count ballots after the 2020 election. They received the Trump treatment, singled out as taking part in election fraud and hounded by MAGAts with death threats.

They were, of course, cleared of all wrongdoing. Not that it matters.

Stephen Lee is a former cop and now a police chaplain.

Via Reuters:

Lee played a central role in a failed effort to pressure Freeman to admit to an election fraud that never occurred, according to a Reuters examination of police body camera footage and court documents, as well as interviews with key participants. After being rebuffed by Freeman, Lee contacted Harrison Floyd, who had run outreach to black voters for Trump’s 2020 campaign. Floyd arranged another visit to Freeman on Jan. 4, 2021, this time from Chicago publicist Trevian Kutti, who threatened Freeman with jail unless she provided information on election fraud, Reuters reported last December.

They badgered her with threats and offered an immunity deal (based on what authority?) They sent Floyd because he was Black. Then they tried Trevian Kutti, because she was a Black woman.

They needed a patsy, and Miss Ruby wasn’t having it.

This woman was a hero, and so was her daughter Shaye. The people who tried to threaten her into a false admission of guilt are now Trump’s criminal co-defendants.

See? Somtimes things work out for the best!

Why Were Stephen Lee, Harrison Floyd, And Trevian Kutto Indicted?

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