Who murdered Jas’hawna Hollingsworth in Tukwila? family offering a $5,000 reward

Family members of Ja’shawna Hollingsworth, the victim of a fatal shooting at Southcenter Mall, are seeking answers and support from the community.

The mother of the 17-year-old and her boyfriend’s family are appealing to the public for any information that could assist Tukwila Police detectives in locating the perpetrator responsible for the shooting.

“I encounter reminders of her every day as I navigate through life. It’s incredibly difficult, but I’m doing my best to cope,” expressed Ja’ala Brown, the mother of Hollingsworth.

The shooting incident occurred on November 24th, where Tukwila Police reported multiple gunshots fired in the parking lot outside JCPenney. According to the family, Hollingsworth was present at the mall with her boyfriend and his family, including his mother.

“In this small parking lot, they were ruthlessly attacked. My son sustained multiple gunshot wounds, but by the grace of God, he survived.

We seek justice for this senseless act. She was the most precious angel, and it’s unjust and heartbreaking that this tragedy occurred, while the perpetrators are still at large,” expressed Jeanine Burnley, the mother of the boyfriend. Burnley recounted that as they exited the mall, they were startled by the sudden eruption of gunfire.

Our paths diverged as my son and his girlfriend, along with my other two children, took a different route. Suddenly, the sound of gunshots echoed around us. I hurried towards the commotion and witnessed a heartbreaking sight: the young girl lying facedown in her own blood. Next to her, I saw my son being cradled by my daughter, desperately attempting to remove his clothes to stem the bleeding from his wounds. He reassured me, saying, “Mom, I’m okay, it’s just my stomach.” In that chaotic moment, Ja’shawna’s name filled the air. I rushed back to her, gently turning her over and using my coat to apply pressure to the bleeding areas. Meanwhile, my other son started performing CPR. While the authorities took Josiah, my daughter continued caring for him, but I remained by Ja’shawna’s side. Her mother hadn’t arrived yet, so we joined together in prayer, seeking solace and hope.

After being rushed to the hospital, Hollingsworth fought bravely for six days before tragically succumbing to her injuries. Her mother shared that Hollingsworth was an exceptional student, consistently achieving straight A’s, and had dreams of pursuing a career as a nurse.

If you possess any information regarding the shooting incident, please reach out to the Tukwila Police Department. Detective Akimoto can be contacted directly at 206-492-9007.

Who murdered Jas’hawna Hollingsworth in Tukwila? family offering a $5,000 reward

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