Who Knew CNN Could Smack Down Both-Siderism?

Attorney John Pierce, who has represented dozens of Jan 6 defendants, claimed the attack on the US Capitol wasn’t violent and tried to bothsides the insurrection.

Surprise, the CNN host refused play along.

In a very long interview, Abby Phillip refused to let Pierce control the interview and constantly pushed back on his mischaracterization of the violence perpetrated by Trump supporters.

A jury found Kenneth Thomas guilty of seven of the 12 charges, but tried to ask the judge to let him attend a January 6 festival fundraising event. He was denied the right to travel. To do a fundraiser. For the insurrection people.

Pierce then claimed his client and many other Jan 6 attendees were not violent.

Abby Phillip was not having it. “Look, I have to stop you there, because honestly, we watched what happened on January 6th, okay? And you can make sort of legalistic arguments about what exactly your client was convicted of and what he was not. There is no question there was violence at the Capitol, that officers were assaulted on that day. There is no question about that.”

“There was violence on both sides,” he said.

“No, no, no. It was a violent event,” Phillip replied. “Police officers were doing their job.”

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Who Knew CNN Could Smack Down Both-Siderism?

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