Who is Martin Kemp Wife? Know Everything About Martin Kemp

Who is Martin Kemp’s Wife?

So who is Martin Kemp’s Wife? According to our research, Martin Kemp’s wife is Shirlie Holliman. Martin Kemp is an English musician. He was born in Highbury, London, United Kingdom on 10 October 1961.

Name Martin Kemp
Profession English musician
Date of Birth 10 October 1961
Age 61 years old
Birth Place Highbury, London, United Kingdom
Height 183 cm
Weight 82 kg (180 lbs)
Nationality English
Wife Name Shirlie Holliman

Who is Martin Kemp?

Martin Kemp, an English musician, actor, and television personality, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his talent, versatility, and charismatic presence. Born on October 10, 1961, in Islington, London, Kemp’s multifaceted career has spanned several decades, making him a beloved figure among music enthusiasts and fans worldwide.

Kemp rose to prominence as the bassist for the iconic band Spandau Ballet, known for their innovative blend of new wave, pop, and soul. With his distinctive bass lines and stage presence, Kemp became a driving force behind the band’s success, contributing to their chart-topping hits such as “True” and “Gold.” His musical contributions and fashion-forward style cemented his status as an influential figure in the 1980s music scene.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Martin Kemp’s talent extends to the world of acting. He has graced both the small and big screens, starring in acclaimed films and television shows. Notable roles include his portrayal of Steve Owen in the popular British soap opera “EastEnders” and his role as Ronald Kray in the crime drama film “The Krays.”

Kemp’s ability to seamlessly transition between music and acting is a testament to his versatility as an artist. His magnetic stage presence, combined with his undeniable musical prowess and acting skills, have made him a beloved and enduring figure in the entertainment industry.



Martin Kemp Biography

Martin Kemp, an English musician, actor, and television personality, is a figure who elicits curiosity and intrigue. Born on October 10, 1961, in Islington, London, Kemp’s journey in the world of music and entertainment has been marked by captivating twists and turns.

Curiosity surrounds Martin Kemp’s biography, as he rose to prominence as the bassist for the iconic band Spandau Ballet. The band’s unique sound and Kemp’s distinct bass lines contributed to their success, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. His on-stage charisma and fashion-forward style added to his enigmatic presence and made him a cultural icon during the vibrant 1980s music scene.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Kemp’s foray into acting added another layer of intrigue to his career. From his role in the widely acclaimed film “The Krays” to his portrayal of the complex character Steve Owen in the British soap opera “EastEnders,” Kemp showcased his versatility and talent as an actor, captivating audiences with his performances.

Curiosity also surrounds Kemp’s personal life, as he is part of a talented family. His brother, Gary Kemp, is a fellow member of Spandau Ballet, and together they have created a rich musical legacy.


Martin Kemp Age

Martin Kemp is 61 years old, having been born on October 10, 1961, in Islington, London. His age serves as a testament to his enduring passion for music, acting, and entertainment. Optimism surrounds Martin Kemp’s age, as he continues to thrive and captivate audiences with his charismatic presence and undeniable talent. At 62, he embodies the spirit of an artist who has mastered his craft and continues to evolve creatively.

Kemp’s age signifies a stage in his career where he can draw from a wealth of experience, wisdom, and creative energy. He has proven time and again that age is not a barrier to success in the ever-evolving world of music and entertainment. With his magnetic stage presence and versatile talents, he continues to inspire generations of aspiring musicians and performers.


Martin Kemp Height and Weight

Martin Kemp’s height typically falls within the average range for individuals of his age group. This average height is 183 cm, whether on stage, in films, or on television. Regarding the weight of 82 kg (180 lbs), Kemp maintains a physique that reflects a commitment to health and wellness. While exact measurements may vary, his weight ensures that he possesses the stamina and energy required to deliver captivating performances and navigate the demands of his diverse career.

It is important to note that specific measurements may vary, as individuals’ bodies can change over time due to various factors such as lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines. However, Martin Kemp’s height and weight align with the requirements of his roles as a musician and actor, allowing him to captivate audiences with his talent, charisma, and stage presence.

Martin Kemp Nationality 

Martin Kemp proudly identifies as English, having been born and raised in Islington, London. His nationality is an integral part of his identity, shaping his experiences, perspectives, and cultural influences. As an English musician and actor, Kemp’s nationality has played a significant role in his career. It connects him to a rich musical heritage, where iconic British bands have left an indelible mark on the global music scene. His English roots are evident in his artistic expression, both in his music and his on-screen performances.

Martin Kemp Career

Martin Kemp’s career is a fascinating exploration of his multifaceted talents and enduring success in the world of music and entertainment. From his early days as the bassist for Spandau Ballet, where he helped shape the sound and style of the band, to his captivating performances as an actor, Kemp has left an indelible mark on popular culture.

His contributions to the music industry are marked by Spandau Ballet’s chart-topping hits and their influential presence in the 1980s new wave and pop scene. Kemp’s bass lines, combined with his magnetic stage presence, contributed to the band’s success and made them an integral part of the era’s music landscape.

Kemp’s transition into acting showcased his versatility and talent. His roles in film and television, including his acclaimed portrayal of Steve Owen in “EastEnders,” demonstrated his ability to captivate audiences and bring compelling characters to life.

Kemp’s career embodies a continuous exploration of his artistic capabilities, as he seamlessly transitions between music and acting. His enduring success and relevance in the entertainment industry are a testament to his talent, versatility, and unwavering passion for his craft.

As a beloved figure in the music and entertainment spheres, Martin Kemp’s career continues to intrigue and inspire. Whether through his music, acting, or television appearances, he remains an iconic presence, captivating audiences with his charisma, talent, and cultural contributions.

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Who is Martin Kemp Wife? Know Everything About Martin Kemp

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