Whistleblower Allegations Sizzle: Hunter Biden’s Tax Investigation and Claims of Justice Department Obstruction |

During congressional testimony on Wednesday, the allegations made by two IRS whistleblowers that Justice Department officials obstructed their investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs were challenged by both the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney appointed by Trump who oversaw the case.


Gary Shapley, a 14-year IRS veteran, and an unnamed veteran IRS investigator named Joseph Ziegler faced off against congressional Democrats who presented evidence contradicting their claims. This evidence included U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ own statement asserting his “ultimate authority” to charge Hunter Biden.

The ranking Democrat, Rep. Jamie Raskin, stated, “It was [Weiss’] decision.” That’s correct, Mr. Shapley, isn’t it?

No, Shapley answered. “The facts don’t support that at all.”

Really, by what evidence is that not backed up? said Raskin.

His own admissions, which I contemporaneously documented, according to Shapley.

Raskin responded, “But he disputes what you’re saying. “He disagrees with what you’re saying,” you say.

Zler, an openly gay Democratic representative, reiterated Shapley’s sentiments, expressing concern that the prosecution did not adhere to standard investigative protocols.


During his opening statement, Ziegler conveyed, “From my personal experience, it appeared that DOJ officials consistently hindered, restricted, and undermined the U.S. Attorney in Delaware during our inquiry.” “I firmly believe that an independent special counsel is required for this investigation.”


Both whistleblowers faced criticism upon stepping forward, with Shapley noting that he was unjustly labeled as incompetent and accused of leaking sensitive information. “Detractors have gone so far as to brand me a traitor to the Democratic Party, attributing more societal division to my actions,” Ziegler asserted in a released statement.

During the hearing, Republicans commended the whistleblowers for their bravery and credibility in coming forward, while criticizing the Democratic efforts to discredit their testimony as a smear campaign.


On the other hand, Democrats presented a contrasting view. They supported the investigation into Hunter Biden and accused the panel’s chairman, James Comer, of turning the hearing into a pointless and embarrassing spectacle.


Hunter Biden recently reached an agreement with Weiss’ office, which involves entering a diversion program in exchange for pleading guilty to two tax-related misdemeanors and avoiding felony gun charges. If the Delaware judge approves this agreement, it’s likely that he will avoid jail time.


Republicans have criticized this agreement, referring to it as a “sweetheart deal” and using Shapley’s allegations as evidence that the president’s son received preferential treatment from the justice system.


However, Weiss has directly refuted some of the most alarming claims made by Shapley, particularly the assertion that Weiss’ request for special counsel status was rejected by the Justice Department officials.


In a letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham, Weiss clarified, “I have not requested Special Counsel designation in this case. I want to address a misperception and avoid future confusion.”


While viewers evaluate the credibility of Shapley’s claims, Democrats have highlighted Shapley’s association with Empower Oversight, a legal and PR team consisting of former employees of Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office. Grassley, a vehement critic of the Biden family, has been particularly focused on these matters.

Whistleblower Allegations Sizzle: Hunter Biden’s Tax Investigation and Claims of Justice Department Obstruction |

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