Whatever You Do, Do Not Move

Politics Girl does a rant saying that people who are tempted to move out of a red state because it’s becoming intolerable shouldn’t move at all. Instead, she encourages people to stay and to fight, adding that if they do that, they will win and they will reclaim their state. Overall, it’s a pretty good rant. However, there are one point where I think she missed the target.

One, if your life or the life of a loved one is endangered, you should get out of there. DeSatanist just signed a law saying that the state can come and take your trans kid away from you. And a depressing amount of states have been denying healthcare to kids. Yes, trans kids, but they are still kids, dammit. You can fight from another state, but you can’t fight if you’re dead.

But she did win my heart with the Wisconsin reference. I know that she is only referencing the last few elections, but I still remember when hundreds of thousands of angry badgers marched in 2011 as Scott Walker and the Republicans tried to silence us. It took us a long time to get to where we are – and we have a long way to go – but we never gave up and we never will.

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Whatever You Do, Do Not Move

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