Watters Attacks Rapinoe: I’ve Done More For Women’s Sports

On Tuesday’s The Five, the four conservatives attacked soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe for advocating for transgender players on the U.S. women’s soccer team. It’s not like the team suddenly changed its rules because of her remarks. But the Fox propagandists seized on the moment to smear her and her pro-trans stance by turning themselves into pro-women concern trolls.

Rapinoe’s comments smacked down the notion that trans women are a big problem in sports. She called prohibitions against them an effort “to legislate away people’s full humanity” disguised as “fairness.”

With unintended irony, The Five proved Rapinoe 100% right.

Cohost Dana Perino read part of Rapinoe’s remarks but left out the part where Rapinoe said, “show me all the trans people who are nefariously taking advantage of being trans in sports. It’s just not happening.” Instead, Perino and cohost Watters suggested Rapinoe was eagerly foisting a horde of transgender players on her teammates after she retires.

It started with a clip of former collegiate swimmer and perpetual anti-trans whiner Riley Gaines accusing Rapinoe of “undermining her fight entirely” for equal pay for female athletes.

Watters distorted Rapinoe’s remarks to suggest “she’d be okay with having an all-male U.S. women’s soccer team.”

Perino sneered, “apparently so, as long as they get paid the same, I guess.” But Rapinoe wouldn’t be OK “if a guy took her spot on the team” or showering “with men.”

Then Watters, who has made a name for himself spouting misogyny, took the weaponization a bizarre step forward. “Some people have told me that I have actually done more for women’s sports than Megan Rapinoe has done. That maybe she’s a traitor in the war on women,” Watters said, “and I have fought valiantly in that war, obviously, on the women’s side.”

Watters pretended not to believe his own boast. “That’s not me saying that and I actually disagree with that,” he added. I’m just saying it’s something that’s being said.” Nobody on the panel asked who has said that. Probably because the answer is almost certainly “nobody” except, maybe, his divorce lawyer when he dumped his last wife after cheating on her with a much younger woman.

Next, Watters began mansplaining that being a lesbian is why Rapinoe feels an “allyship” with transgender women. “I respect that opinion,” Watters laughably said, “and I respect the fact that she’s done great things for the United States on the field. She’s a great leader.

Then he began lecturing Rapinoe that her opinion is “destructive” and “destroying women’s sports.” He continued, “And as someone that’s been an advocate for women as she has, financially, she should understand that better than anybody.”

That’s what Fox Newsies pretend is “respect.”

Watters Attacks Rapinoe: I’ve Done More For Women’s Sports

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