Was Mozzy Arrested in Wichita Ks? Why was Mozzy Arrested in Wichita Ks?

Was Mozzy Arrested in Wichita Ks?

Yes, Mozzy was indeed arrested in Wichita, KS. Following a nightclub shooting in Wichita, Kansas, rapper Mozzy was apprehended by authorities. The incident resulted in seven individuals being shot and two others being trampled.

Mozzy had previously served a 10-month prison sentence for a gun-related case in 2021 before being released in May. The shooting occurred during an afterparty at the City Nightz nightclub, causing panic and a stampede as people sought safety.

The arrest, captured in a video, has raised questions about the circumstances leading to Mozzy’s detainment. While one person remains in serious condition, two others are expected to fully recover. The investigation also revealed the discovery of four guns within the club.

What Happened to Mozzy Rapper?

After serving a 10-month prison sentence for federal gun charges, rapper Mozzy recently found himself in trouble once again. Despite his release in May and the release of his Kollect Kall EP in April, Mozzy’s celebration was short-lived as he was reportedly arrested following a shooting incident. Videos circulating online show the moment of his detainment, causing fans to express their support for his release.

The incident took place at a nightclub in Wichita, Kansas, where seven people were shot and two were trampled. While one person was arrested, it has not been confirmed whether Mozzy was the individual in custody.


Why was Mozzy Arrested in Wichita Ks?

As of now, the precise details regarding Mozzy’s arrest in Wichita, Kansas, have not been officially disclosed. However, according to reports, the arrest occurred in connection with a shooting incident that took place at a nightclub in the city.

The exact charges Mozzy is facing and the circumstances leading to his arrest have not been confirmed. Further information and updates from authorities may provide more clarity on the specific reasons for his arrest.

Who is Mozzy?

Timothy Cornell Patterson, professionally known as Mozzy, is an American rapper hailing from Oak Park, Sacramento, California. He is signed to CMG, Interscope Records, and Blackmarket Records.

Mozzy initially began his rap career in 2004 using the name Lil Tim before adopting the stage name Mozzy in 2012. His breakthrough came with the release of his album Bladadah in 2015, which garnered critical acclaim and established him as a prominent figure in the rap scene. Rolling Stone ranked the album as the 22nd best rap album of 2015, while Complex Magazine recognized it as the “best run” of that year.

Mozzy Real Name

Mozzy’s Real Name is Timothy Cornell Patterson. Mozzy was raised in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, specifically on 4th Avenue. With his parents absent from his life, he was raised by his grandmother, Brenda Patterson-Usher, who was a member of the Black Panther party and owned multiple properties in Oak Park.

While attending Sacramento High School, Mozzy eventually dropped out but later obtained a GED. Prior to dedicating himself to music, he held various jobs in the local area before deciding to pursue his music career full-time in 2010.

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Was Mozzy Arrested in Wichita Ks? Why was Mozzy Arrested in Wichita Ks?

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