Was Don Trump Jr. Gonna Cry Over Tucker’s Firing?

Don Trump Junior opined to MAGA dud Charlie Kirk that his mind had been “blown” over the firing of Tucker Carlson. This assumes he has a mind at all.

I mean, I think it changes things permanently.

That’s one of the few voices in the Republican Party that would call out the nonsense from GOP senators, governors, and otherwise.

You know, an actual thought leader in conservatism.

And you know, the whole thing is, it’s actually mind-blowing to me, and I guess, and to everyone else given what you’ve seen happen to Fox’s market cap in the last few hours.

Calling Tucker Carlson a thought leader is an insult to anyone who has actual thoughts.

One of the few people, you know, actually speaking to independents and across the aisle and winning them over with facts, logic, and reason.

I think he’s probably, you know, a once-in-a-generation type talent.

And to see him go is mind-boggling.

I don’t know what they’re thinking.

Tucker Carlson gave voice to the most extreme far-right views imaginable. He didn’t do it with facts, logic, and reason.

Oh, no. Tuckems did with it with lies, racism, homophobia, Christian nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-medical conspiracies.

Good f**king riddance.

Junior continued his poutrage on Rumble.

“What’s next!? If Fox is getting rid of their best talent, for some reason, what could be going on in conservative media? This departure permanently changes the GOP!”

We can only hope.

Was Don Trump Jr. Gonna Cry Over Tucker’s Firing?

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