Video exonerates Miles James Kirby in Joslyn Teetzel death

Miles James Kirby, right, along with his attorneys, Daniel Kay, center, and Cindy Hyatt, left. (Screengrab via KKTV)

A Colorado man has been exonerated for his girlfriend’s death after the local coroner’s office determined she likely killed herself.

“I’m an innocent man, and I just want to have my children and live peacefully with them,” Miles James Kirby said at a press conference in El Paso County on Monday evening, his lawyers at his side.

On July 27, Kirby was charged with one count each of murder in the first degree and tampering with a deceased human body. He would later be charged with four additional crimes in the case.

Charges were first filed one day after the now-former suspect made the awful early morning discovery of his girlfriend, Joslyn Teetzel, 29, hanging from a rope inside the couple’s backyard shed. Investigators in Fountain – a medium-sized town in the Colorado Springs metropolitan area – claimed the man had tried to cover up the murder by staging the scene as a suicide.

Video exonerates Miles James Kirby in Joslyn Teetzel death

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