Utah man killed in police shootout after shooting officer

A Utah man was killed in a wild police shootout after violating an order of protection filed by his ex-wife and allegedly opening fire on officers. 

The Ogden Police Department said 36-year-old Brian Simonton began firing at officers after they responded to a 911 call from his ex-wife claiming the suspect was violating a protective order. 

“He showed up unannounced. He’s hit rock bottom. I feel bad for him. I cannot have him here,” the ex-wife of Simonton told 911 dispatchers. 

“My ex-husband has a protective order on him. I don’t wanna press charges. He’s trying to leave the dog with me. The dog is sick and he refuses to leave unless I take the dog. I need to have an officer come and let him know he’s trespassing, and an officer take this dog to be taken care of.” 

Simonton’s ex-wife says he is known to carry weapons, specifically a gun, and has made suicidal comments before.

Another 911 call is received from a resident of the apartment complex reporting Simonton’s threatening people and refuses to leave the property. 

“We have a gentleman here that needs to be removed from the property, known to have guns. He’s yelling at me right now,” the caller told the 911 dispatcher. 

‘Step it up! He just pulled a gun!’

Bodycam footage shows the first Ogden police officer arriving on scene and noting immediately that Simonton has a weapon. 

“Step it up! He just pulled a gun. All units he’s got a gun in his right hand!”

The police officer is then heard yelling for Simonton to drop the weapon. 

“Drop the firearm! Drop it! Drop it!”

Moments later, gunfire erupts and the officer is shot.

More police arrive on scene. They rush to help their injured colleague and stop Simonton from unleashing more gunfire. 

Eight officers in total fired their weapons during the shootout ultimately killing Simonton who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shooting investigation continues

Simonton had previous domestic violence convictions and two orders of protection filed against him at the time of his death.

Investigators found a 45 colt revolver near Simonton’s body and say security footage showed him reloading the weapon. 

The injured cop underwent surgery at the hospital. He was released and is recovering. 

An investigation into police-involved shooting remains ongoing. 

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Utah man killed in police shootout after shooting officer

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