Unveiling the Best in Windows 11: A Guide to Optimization

Unveiling the Best in Windows 11: A Guide to Optimization


Have you recently embraced Windows 11, only to be bombarded with negative reviews? Fret not! In this article, we’ll explore how to enhance your Windows 11 experience without resorting to reverting back to Windows 10. Contrary to the naysayers, Windows 11 has evolved positively since its initial release. Join us as we unveil practical steps to make your Windows 11 journey more enjoyable.

Removing Bloatware

Let’s start by decluttering your Windows 11. Uninstall unnecessary pre-installed applications such as Disney Plus and others. While we covered a video on setting up Windows 11 without bloatware, fear not if you missed it; we’ll guide you through the process.

Disabling Notifications

Customize your notification preferences to streamline your Windows 11 experience. Navigate to Settings > System > Notifications and tailor your settings to reduce interruptions. Disabling tips and suggestions, especially during startup, can significantly enhance your workflow.

Taskbar Settings

Optimize your taskbar by right-clicking and accessing taskbar settings. Remove unnecessary elements like chat widgets and the search box. Personalize the taskbar alignment to your liking, choosing between center and left alignment. These adjustments contribute to a cleaner and more efficient desktop.

Power Settings

Fine-tune your power settings under System > Power. Switching your power mode to “Best Performance” and adjusting sleep settings based on your usage patterns can noticeably boost your system’s responsiveness.

Default Apps

Take control of default applications by navigating to Settings > Apps > Default Apps. We’ll guide you through setting your preferred browser and other default apps. Say goodbye to the hassle of Microsoft Edge opening everything; we’ve got you covered.

Account Settings

Navigate to Account Settings and dive into Sign-in Options. Disable the automatic restart of apps upon sign-in to expedite your system’s boot time. Additionally, we’ll explore virtualization-based security settings for users keen on balancing security and performance.

Gaming Settings

For the gaming enthusiasts, we delve into gaming settings. Contrary to expectations, turning off the Game Mode can enhance your gaming experience. We’ll also guide you through uninstalling third-party antivirus software, opting for the built-in Windows Security.

Context Menu

An annoyance for many, the context menu gets a makeover. By tweaking registry settings, we’ll guide you through disabling the revamped context menu and reverting to the classic version. A simple but effective adjustment for those who find the new menu cumbersome.


While these tweaks provide a surface-level enhancement, they contribute to a more streamlined and responsive Windows 11 experience. Stay tuned for future updates, and don’t forget to keep your system updated for the latest improvements. If the Windows 11 aesthetic isn’t to your liking, explore our other articles on transforming Windows 11 to resemble previous Windows versions. Embrace the change and make Windows 11 your own!