Unveiling the Apple Vision Pro: A Dive into the Future of VR: Apple Vision Pro Review

In a tech landscape often criticized for its lack of innovation, Apple has taken a bold step with the introduction of the Vision Pro, a VR headset that breaks away from the mundane. While not flawless, the device stands out for its risk-taking, marking a departure from the typical spec-bump iterations we’ve seen in recent Apple products.


A Glimpse into Apple’s Future:

The Vision Pro, Apple’s first foray into the VR realm, introduces a new frontier for the tech giant. Pioneering features, coupled with the inclusion of ‘Pro’ in its name, suggest an ambitious roadmap for the product’s evolution. Exploring this device opens the door to a broader conversation about the potential future it hints at.

Hands-On Experience:

Having extensively used the Vision Pro over the past two weeks, it’s evident that the device brings unparalleled features to the table. Immersive experiences, precise placement, eye tracking, and hand control contribute to its appeal. However, no exploration is without downsides, and the article delves into the device’s weight, external appearance, app selection, battery life, and price.

Immersiveness and Fidelity:

The Vision Pro’s micro-OLED display sets a new standard in fidelity. With a pixel size of seven and a half microns, individual pixels become indiscernible, providing a seamless visual experience. The device cleverly uses eye tracking and foveated rendering, adapting to the limitations of today’s technology while maintaining sharp visuals where it matters most.

Looking through Glass:

The article highlights the Vision Pro’s exceptional passthrough feature, offering an almost transparent view of the real world. Utilizing high-quality camera feeds and displays, the device excels in providing a seamless blend between virtual and reality. The challenges of latency and environmental factors are discussed, emphasizing the technological advancements achieved.

The Ecosystem Advantage:

An undeniable strength of Vision Pro lies in its ecosystem integration. Built-in apps seamlessly sync with other Apple devices, offering a cohesive experience for users entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. FaceTime and Mac Virtual Display stand out as innovative applications, showcasing the device’s potential for reshaping communication and workspaces.

App Exploration and Limitations:

The Vision Pro’s app landscape is dissected, revealing both promise and limitations. While impressive apps are leveraging the 3D space, the article notes the current scarcity of options. The absence of major apps like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and TikTok is identified as a weakness that Apple needs to address for the device to reach its full potential.

Comfort Issues Unveiled:

A critical analysis of the Vision Pro’s comfort unveils a surprising factor—the Solo Knit strap. Despite its aesthetic appeal, the strap places undue pressure on the user’s face, limiting prolonged usage. The article recommends the dual loop band for extended comfort, emphasizing the trade-offs between style and functionality.

Eyes on the Outside:

The unique feature of displaying the user’s eyes externally, termed EyeSight, is explored. The article critiques its visibility and resolution, pondering its future in subsequent generations. The potential inclusion of EyeSight in a more affordable version, Apple Vision, is discussed, hinting at the evolving landscape of VR technology.

Final Verdict:

The Vision Pro is characterized as a pricey yet immensely enjoyable tech toy. Acknowledging its first-generation drawbacks, the article suggests that the device’s allure lies in its sci-fi, futuristic appeal. Anticipation for the next generation is palpable, with hopes that increased developer attention and competition will propel VR experiences to new heights.


As Apple continues to redefine its product portfolio, the Vision Pro stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. While not without its imperfections, the device opens the door to an exciting future, where VR and AR experiences could become an integral part of our daily lives. As consumers, we find ourselves at the threshold of a new era in technology, and the Vision Pro is a captivating glimpse into what lies ahead.


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