Unlocking Canvas Potential: 15 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Canva, the versatile graphic design tool, is not just for creating eye-catching visuals. In this article, I’ll reveal 15 unique and proven ways to leverage Canvas features to make money. Get ready to discover untapped opportunities and boost your income with these innovative ideas.

1. Generate Quiz Videos

Uncover the power of affiliate marketing by creating engaging quiz videos using Canva’s templates. Explore various niches, such as language learning, and witness the magic as your TikTok account gains followers. Learn how to craft compelling quiz questions with the help of ChatGPT for a winning strategy.

2. Create Brand Identity Kits

Freelance graphic designers, here’s a niche that’s often overlooked: brand identity kits. Ditch the $10 logo gigs and offer comprehensive packages to high-income clients. Canva’s templates and AI-generated color palettes make the process seamless. Explore the art of customization and elevate your design business.

3. Pinterest List Pins

Harness the power of list pins on Pinterest to earn affiliate commissions. Craft visually engaging content that sparks curiosity and leads users to your blog with affiliate links. Learn from successful affiliate marketers who have scaled their income using Canva to create compelling list pins.

4. Start A Clothing Store

Tap into the world of fashion with Canva by designing T-shirts and more. Utilize the vast library of graphics and elements to create unique designs. Explore print-on-demand apps like Printify and platforms like eBay and Etsy to turn your creations into a lucrative online business.

5. Generate Quote Videos

Cash in on the popularity of quote videos on TikTok. Explore Canva’s prebuilt video templates to create visually appealing content. Discover how simple it is to swap out text and stock videos to craft engaging quote videos that qualify for TikTok’s high-paying Creativity Ad Program.

6. Sell Printable Wall Art

Explore the digital art market on Etsy by creating and selling printable wall art. Canva’s abundance of templates and export features ensure your designs stand out. Learn the art of creating vibrant, high-quality prints that customers can enjoy in their own homes.

7. Create Pitch Deck Presentations

Capture the attention of business startups by offering pitch deck presentations on platforms like Fiverr. Canva’s pre-made templates and built-in graph maker simplify the process. Uncover the potential for lucrative deals as startups seek compelling presentations to win investor support.

8. Create and Sell Candles

Uncover the world of personalized candles with Canva. Design eye-catching labels using Canva’s templates and explore the market on platforms like Etsy. Dive into the Printify integration for easy customization and discover the humorous side of candle labels.

9. Generate This Or That Videos

Cash in on the trend of ‘this or that’ videos on TikTok and YouTube. Utilize Canva’s library to create visually appealing content and explore the potential of TikTok’s Creativity Ad Program. Learn how easy it is to turn simple videos into a source of steady income.

10. Create and Sell Mugs

Design unique mugs with Canva’s diverse templates. Explore the popularity of mugs on online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. Leverage the Printify integration to streamline the customization process and turn your creations into profitable sales.

11. Create and Sell Self-Care Printables

Support mental health with self-care printables on Etsy. Dive into Canva’s vast template selection to create planners, journals, and creative flashcards. Stand out in a competitive market by offering unique and innovative products.

12. Create and Sell Custom Products With Templates

Explore the growing trend of custom products by designing your own with Canva. Save time and effort by utilizing Canva’s export settings to create customizable templates. Dive into the world of custom creations, from T-shirts to mugs, and watch your sales soar.

13. Create and Sell Classroom Lessons

For educators and experts, tap into the niche of selling classroom lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers. Discover Canva’s school lesson templates and create engaging content for online marketplaces. Uncover a unique opportunity to share knowledge and earn from your expertise.

14. Create and Sell Patterns

Monetize patterns on all-over print products like phone cases. Use Canva’s Magic Recommendation feature and grid feature to swiftly create seamless designs. Explore the popularity of patterned products on platforms like Etsy and Redbubble.

15. Pinterest How-To Pins

Capitalize on the demand for how-to guides on Pinterest. Utilize Canva’s templates to design visually appealing pins that drive traffic to your blog with affiliate links. Learn the secrets of earning thousands of dollars monthly through affiliate commissions on Pinterest.


Canva isn’t just a design tool; it’s a gateway to diverse income streams. Whether you’re a graphic designer, entrepreneur, or educator, these 15 creative strategies will help you unlock Canva’s full potential and turn your skills into a profitable venture. Embrace the possibilities, experiment with different ideas, and watch your earnings grow.


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