Trump’s PAC Pays Melania’s Stylist $108,000 For ‘Strategy Consulting’

Apparently, fancy ball gowns for Trump’s wife are all part of his grand strategy to stay out of prison. Good luck with that.

One thing Trump, or at least the people he hires are good at is creative accounting. They have to be.

Source: Daily Beast

The leadership political action committee founded by Donald Trump paid a mind-blowing $108,000 to Melania Trump’s stylist in the first six months of 2023 for “strategy consulting,” FEC filings show. The disclosures from Save America PAC—which also showed tens of millions of dollars being spent on the indicted former president’s legal expenses—do not divulge the nature of Hervé Pierre Braillard’s supposed consulting. But the French-American designer, who made the gown Melania wore to her husband’s inaugural ball in 2017, also received at least $132,000 from the PAC in 2022, according to Fox News. “Mr. Pierre is a world-renowned artist,” Melania’s office said in an August 2022 statement. “His work extends to many different fields, not just fashion design. His expertise is utilized for special projects and events.”

And while Trump’s various PACs blow through money for his legal fees and fancy frocks for the wife, Trump is hemorrhaging cash.

Donald Trump’s joint fundraising committee reported raising $53.8 million in the first half of the year, a long-teased figure that blows all of his Republican opponents out of the water.

But the committee and its two affiliates — the former president’s official campaign and his leadership Save America PAC — have collectively spent $57 million over the same period, according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance filings. The spending rate threatens to put a significant strain on Trump’s finances as the election gears up.

That’s a negative figure for those of you playing along at home. So how much is left? According the New York Times:

Donald Trump’s political action committee, which began last year with $105 million, now has less than $4 million left in its account after paying tens of millions of dollars in legal fees for Mr. Trump and his associates.

Trump’s PAC Pays Melania’s Stylist $108,000 For ‘Strategy Consulting’

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