Trump Worries About ‘Nuclear Warming’

During a Fox News interview Tuesday, Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson that he, and only he, sees a more important issue threatening the world, and it’s not global warming.

“This isn’t like the Second World War where we have army tanks running around shooting at each other,” Trump said.

In a nine-minute plus segment, Trump claimed he is the first president ever to view nuclear weapons as a threat to all humanity.

“When I listen to people talk about Global Warming, that the ocean will rise in the next 300 years by one-eighth of an inch, and they talk about this as our prob -our big problem is nuclear warming, and nobody even talks about it,” Trump claimed.

Nuclear warming? WTF? Someone in his camp thought that was a clever play on words?

“The environmentalists talk about all this nonsense in many cases. Look I’m an environmentalist also, I guess in my own way,”

Oh boy. Trump should stick to chasing windmills.

“Nobody talks about nuclear — the biggest problem we have in the whole world. It’s not global warming. It’s nuclear warming,” he said again.

“And all it takes is one madman, and you’re going to have a problem the likes of which the world has never seen,” Trump said.

Fearmongering is all Trump has to run on these days. And if someone needs to take a cognitive test, it’s Trump. His ‘thoughts’ are insane.

By the way, it was revealed in the discovery from the Dominion lawsuit, that Tucker Carlson admitted he hated Trump with a passion.

So watching this softball interview reeks of the worst kind of hypocrisy. But it’s what Tucker gets paid for.

Trump Worries About ‘Nuclear Warming’

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