Trump Vows to Unleash Special Prosecutor, Exposing “Bribes and Criminal Family” of President Biden |

On Friday night, former president Donald Trump pledged to bring President Joe Biden’s legal situation to a head by designating a special prosecutor to look into the “bribes from China and many other foreign nations that flow into the coffers of the Biden criminal family.”

Trump’s address to the Alabama Republican Party’s summer supper was his first significant public appearance on the campaign trail since his plea of not guilty to charges relating to the 2020 election and the incident on the Capitol’s sixth of January. Even though this is his third indictment of the year, he is still widely considered to be the front-runner for the 2024 nomination.


The corrupt Biden DOJ “could have filed every one of these many false charges against me 2.5 years ago, but they waited and waited until I became the dominant force in the polls, and then they filed them all, including local DAs and AGs, and other cases, right in the middle of my campaign where we’re leading so much,” said Donald Trump.

He joked, “We need one more indictment to finish it.” In Georgia’s Fulton County, a fourth indictment might be forthcoming.

They want to meddle in my campaign, they say. As he described it as “a standard approach in Third World nations,” they “want to meddle in the election.”

According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump leads the Republican field nationally by 35.5 points, with just Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) breaking into the double digits against him. In the same aggregate, he is just a point behind Biden.

“The Biden criminal family was receiving funds from China, Ukraine, Russia, and many other countries, and now, every time more Biden corruption is revealed, his minions indict me the very next day,” the author said. A cover-up is what it is, the former president remarked.

At the Alabama GOP gathering, speakers urged guests to pray for Trump, who they said was “under assault” according to state Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Reed. No one has been more harassed for standing up for our nation than Donald Trump, according to Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL), who praised Trump as “the greatest president of my lifetime.”

Alabama GOP Chairman John Wahl remarked, “Ladies and gentlemen, this week has not been a good week for our constitutional republic.” “We have a Justice Department that wants to restrict free speech and the free exchange of ideas because they disagree with the outcome of the election. Just because a man disagrees with their speech, they will prosecute him.

Wahl said, “And if they will do that to a former president, they will do that to you.”

This reinforces Trump’s own claim.

“They want to restrict my freedom because I won’t allow them to restrict your freedom,” they said. He declared on Friday night that it was really easy. Because I won’t allow them to quiet you, they want to silence me. In the end, they’re after you, not me, and I’m simply there to get in the way of that.

Earlier on Friday, the entire Alabama House Republican delegation backed Trump for the 2024 presidential candidacy.

The congressmen stated in a statement that “President Trump’s America First program put our country on a more safe and prosperous path in his first term, confirming that the Trump policies are the appropriate policies for the American people after eight years of Obama-Biden socialist policies.” “In a second term, President Trump will strengthen our national security, defend our borders, rebuild our economy, guarantee that all Americans — not just political allies — receive equal justice under the law, safeguard our children, especially the unborn innocent among us, and win back America’s respect throughout the globe. To “Make America Great Again,” we are eager to collaborate with President Trump. During his remarks, Trump referred to the legislators as “warriors.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), who has fought Biden in the past, presented Trump. In opposition to the Pentagon’s practice of covering abortion-related travel costs, the senator is presently blocking hundreds of military promotions. According to Tuberville, this goes against the Hyde Amendment, which forbids federal funding of the majority of abortions.

Additionally, Tuberville argued against Biden’s choice to maintain the Space Command Headquarters in Colorado as opposed to moving it to Huntsville, Alabama, as the Trump administration had intended. Trump made the comment, “Maybe that’s not going to be the end of the tale.”

According to Biden, conservative criticisms of the Pentagon’s wokeness and Tuberville’s military achievements demonstrate that Republicans are no longer the party of national defense.

On Friday, Tuberville said that Biden’s presidency would “bring the country to its knees” and “make it crash and burn.” “There is nobody that can get the job done faster, quicker, and more efficiently than Donald J. Trump,” he said, reiterating his support for the former president.

Trump made many references to “Ron DeSanctimonious” while making an implicit statement to a Republican audience that he would not take part in the first GOP debate because he was too far ahead in the polls. He made fun of DeSantis’ decline in the polls, branding him a “son of a bitch” and an untrustworthy individual lacking in charisma. He proposed that Lee Greenwood, a country music artist, compose a song about it.

Trump claimed responsibility for overturning Roe v. Wade, but he pushed opponents of abortion to “bargain” and portrayed Democrats as the true “extremists” and “radicals” on the subject. When Trump listed conservative policy goals, the crowd cheered the loudest.


Trump vowed not to employ a “prevent defense” tactic against his adversaries, while making reference to his polling data. He asserted that he had abstained from confronting Biden out of reverence for the position, but now, with charges announced, all bets are off and anything goes.


Trump regarded indictments from “Marxists” and “extreme left lunatics” as a source of pride, likening them to a “badge of honor,” as he launched a scathing attack on “Biden and the communists.” With conviction, he proclaimed, “The deep state is crippling our nation, but the tides must turn.”

Trump Vows to Unleash Special Prosecutor, Exposing “Bribes and Criminal Family” of President Biden |

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