Trump To Nevada: Your State ‘Is Disgraceful’

During a lengthy interview with The Nevada Globe, a right wing “independent” news site. Trump was asked how he was going to win there after both times he lost and Trump claimed he won the state of twice, but Nevada is a “disgraceful” state.

Way to go! That will surely help him gain independent voters he previously lost, amirite?

Throughout the interview, Trump gave the same tired, rambling and conspiracy fueled answers that he has given since he lost the 2020 presidential election.

TNG finally pivoted to their home state of Nevada, where Trump lost in 2016 and 2020.

The newspaper said Republican Governor Lombardo lost key districts but still won his election, which must have gottern under Trump’s shriveled skin.

“A GOP presidential candidate hasn’t won Nevada since 2004. You lost Nevada twice. How do you win Nevada?” TNG asked.

Trump responded:

I think I won the last time. I think I won both times by a lot.

This is a state that is disgraceful.

You know, we sued on the basis of …they robbed the vote at a level.

We had a lawsuit that was so good and the judge didn’t want to see it. He didn’t even want to see it.

We had a lawsuit that was, in my opinion, conclusive.

The lawsuit was a crock and the judge rightfully refused to listen to the lies.

Then the seditious ex-president attacked his own endorsed Senate candidate that lost also.

But, you know, we have guys like Laxalt. Laxalt was a very weak candidate. He was pathetic.

You know, I helped Laxalt do the best he could. I guess his grandfather was strong. His father was good. But, I guess the chain got weaker and weaker.

We have great people working now. We have great lawyers working.

They used COVID to cheat the last time. They used COVID to cheat.

But, we think we have a great team in place to stop it.

I thought all of Trump’s endorsements. Win– bigly?

Trump lost Nevada by 2.4% in 2016 and lost by an almost identical number in 2020, 2.39%

Trump To Nevada: Your State ‘Is Disgraceful’

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