Trump: Those Radical Left Democrat Fascists Marxist Monsters!

Former President Donald Trump appears to be hearing the clock ticking as it gains steam while investigators zoom in on the corruption that engulfed the disgraced one-termer. Trump started on Truth Social, thanking an author and former FBI agent who appeared on Fox ‘News.’ And in just three sentences, the twice-impeached four times indicted former President called Democrats the racial left Democrat Fascists Marxist Monsters.

“Thank you to Jonathan T. Gilliam for his great understanding and remarks on the Radical Left Democrat Fascists and their use of coordinated Indictments in an attempt to hurt my Presidential campaign through ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” he wrote. “So far, it has been a big BACKFIRE for them!”

“These Marxist Monsters must not be allowed to destroy our Elections or Country any more than they already have. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” Trump continued.

But he wasn’t done. Donald then alleged that President Biden is “telling everyone to indict Trump,” and that’s just not true. Four juries felt there was enough evidence to hand down an indictment.

“These bogus Indictments are done by one man, my Political Opponent (Crooked Joe Biden), who is telling everyone to Indict Trump, take him off the campaign trail, and let him spend his money on legal fees rather than ads saying that Biden is the WORST and MOST CORRUPT President in the history of the United States,” he added. “That is their campaign strategy – Illegal as Hell – But WE WILL WIN!!!”

A friend of mine, a former Trump supporter (he’s no longer in the cult), noticed that recently the former President has been talking more about election fraud and a stolen election in Georgia more than usual. He said it’s because his RICO defense centers on the fact he believes the Georgia election was stolen, proving that no racketeering and deception took place on his part. I think he has a point. Most of us know that Lumpy never believed the election was stolen. Trump will have to do a hell of an acting job to convince others.

On the other hand, 74,223,369 were convinced to vote for Trump again in 2020. I’ll never understand it. My friend did, too, but he’s really sorry about that, y’all.

Trump: Those Radical Left Democrat Fascists Marxist Monsters!

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