Trump Disparages CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: ‘You’re A Nasty Person’

During the controversial CNN town hall with Donald Trump, the former guy lost his temper at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and called her a “nasty person” because she refused to let him filibuster and talk over her when she was asking pertinent questions.

Trump was combative, blaming everyone else for the situation he put himself into when it came to his hoarding of hundreds of top secret documents at Mar-A-Lago.

“When it comes to your documents, did you ever show those classified documents to anyone?” Collins asked.

“Not really. I would have the right to,” Trump said.

“What do you mean not really?”

“Not that I can think of. Let me just tell you, I have the absolute right to do whatever I want with them. I have the right,” Trump whined.

Trump continued to bellyache about how he has been treated.

“Biden didn’t ignore a subpoena to get the documents back. That’s the question that investigators have, I think, is why you held on to those documents when you knew the federal government was seeking them and they had given you a subpoena to return them,” Collins asked.

Collins got a little too mouthy for Trump and he turned ugly.

“Can I talk? Are you ready? Can I give mine?”

“I would like for you to answer the question. That’s why i asked it.”

“It’s very simple — you’re a nasty person, I’ll tell you,’ Trump squawked.

“Can you answer why you held on to the documents?” Collins said un-flustered.

The live audience was all Trump supporters and Republicans so they cheered like buffoons when he attacked Collins’ character. That was disgraceful.

It’s not surprising that Trump ridiculed a female host who tried to hold him accountable during the live town hall. He has a problem with women. Just ask E. Jean Carroll.

Luckily, Collins wasn’t alone with Trump at any time during this event.

Trump Disparages CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: ‘You’re A Nasty Person’

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