Trump Cries To NRA: ‘They Got 5,000 Prosecutors After My Ass’

Donald Trump told his followers at the NRA conference in Indianapolis, that he is so wonderful and incorruptible, Democrats are sending thousands of prosecutors to hound him.

Trump started this rant at the National Rifle Association’s murder conference by highlighting his recent good poll numbers against Ron DeSantis, and then segued into a whine about his legal difficulties.

“They say, oh, yeah, we want to run against Trump,” he cried. “In the meantime, they got 5,000 prosecutors after my ass.”

Call the waaaaambulance.

“We want to run against him so bad. We’re going to run against him. That’s the guy we want. Trump, by the way, please take him out of politics. Please get him out as fast as you can,” he continued.

Trump lost by over 7,000,000 votes in 2020 election and his Senate candidates were decimated in the 2022 midterms.

After calling the Democratic party, far-left crazies, the cockwombler claimed these prosecutions are a deep state plan of “election interference on a historic scale.”

Poor baby.

He lost his binky.

Bogus election fraud is all he can run on.

Right wing victimhood at its finest.

Stop taking actions, sexual or otherwise, that can and will be considered criminal acts and prosecutors will leave you be.

Trump Cries To NRA: ‘They Got 5,000 Prosecutors After My Ass’

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