Trump Complains Jack Smith Is Trying To Interfere With ‘2020’ Election

Former President Donald Trump unleashed an insane video on Thursday to throw himself a massive pity party. Everyone is after him. Trump again targeted special counsel Jack Smith over his criminal investigation into the former President’s handling of classified documents. At one point, it was almost as if Trump was describing himself.

“Biden is guilty of obstruction. 1,850 boxes unchecked. Many found in Chinatown, heavy on classified documents,” he claimed. “He has been totally uncooperative, won’t show the documents under any circumstances, and is fighting like hell. I very simply went by the Presidential Records Act. Very importantly, it was designed and written for this purpose. Have a right to declassify and did absolutely nothing wrong, but was purposely given by the DOJ and Biden, a Trump-hating prosecutor, Jack Smith.”

Biden has been cooperative, and promptly handed over any classified documents he had. Trump hoarded documents at Mar-a-Lago.

He is mad at Smith for interfering in the 2020 election.

“He’s a Trump hater,” he said of Jack Smith. “His wife’s a Trump hater. His family’s a Trump hater. They all hate Trump. They hate him with a passion. They’ll do anything they can to hurt Trump.”

“But he’s a harasser and an abuser of our people. in order to obstruct and interfere with the 2020 presidential election, that’s why they’re doing it. We’re leading by a lot in the polls. If I weren’t, I believe it would all stop, or if I weren’t running, I believe it would all stop immediately, but that’s not gonna happen. The public will not stand for this unequal treatment. Joe Biden is guilty. I am not at all. Thank you very much.”

“The public will not stand” for this, eh? That sounds very January 6th-y. And, by the way, it’s 2023. The election is in 2024. 2020 is the election Bloaty McBatshit lost. What an absolute walnut.

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Trump Complains Jack Smith Is Trying To Interfere With ‘2020’ Election

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