Tragic Block Party Shooting in Baltimore – Day 2 Manhunt! Reward Offered for Suspect(s) Arrest |

Following a shooting at a block party in Baltimore that left two people dead and 28 injured, law enforcement officers are currently looking for a number of suspects. According to CNN, gunfire overnight disrupted celebrations for Brooklyn Day in the Brooklyn neighborhood in south Baltimore. Aaliyah Gonzales, 18, and Kylis Fagbemi, 20, died in the shooting.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott stated that his office has used every resource available to assist with the investigation on Sunday, July 2.

Scott declared, “We won’t stop until we find you, and we will find you. “Until then, I sincerely hope that every breath you take causes you to reflect on the lives you have taken and the lives you have impacted here tonight.

Scott continued, “This was an impulsive, cowardly act of violence that has taken two lives and changed many, many more.” This tragic incident is yet another stark, regrettable illustration of the serious problems with violence in Baltimore, Maryland, and this country, particularly with regard to gun violence and easy access to illegal firearms.

The Baltimore City Council’s president, Nick Mosby, denounced the shooting and the perpetrators of the crimes during a press conference on Sunday.

“This indiscriminate, callous, reckless behavior by a few traumatizes hundreds, especially our children and our vulnerable adults in this community. They merit better, said Mosby.

Events like these, according to Mosby, “should be sacred to our communities because they are about celebration, about coming together, and they involve all generations.”

The block party was “unpermitted,” according to acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley, and the police were unaware that it was happening.

Gun violence, according to Yvonne Booker, a longtime resident of Brooklyn Homes who has lived there for over 30 years, has wreaked havoc on the tightly knit neighborhood.

It’s a little difficult for me. I have children,” Booker said. “They should stop. It’s excessive. I’ve attended a lot of funerals in this neighborhood.

Many Baltimore cities, including the “Charm City,” are under a cloud of gun violence. Scott revealed in June 2022 that they were suing Polymer80, Inc., the maker of Ghost Guns, which can be purchased online, assembled at home, and are virtually impossible to locate in public.

Michael Harrison, deputy commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department, noted the alarming age of some of the people obtaining ghost guns: “Twenty-three percent of the ghost guns were found on people under the age of 21, with the youngest being 14.” So yes, younger and younger people are committing violent crimes.

Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland has announced a $8,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the shooters in response to the incident.

Tragic Block Party Shooting in Baltimore – Day 2 Manhunt! Reward Offered for Suspect(s) Arrest |

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