Tim Scott Is A Shameless Panderer

Yet another spineless Republican running for president is scared to death to do anything to upset Trump’s crazy base. Here’s Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) during an interview with local New Hampshire station WMUR’s Adam Sexton this week pretending Trump isn’t culpable for what happened even though he was the one egging on the mob to go kill Scott and his cohorts at the Capitol.

SCOTT: All I can say is January 6th was a dark day for our nation and I would say as a person who was targeted on that day, I’ll never forget taking my jacket off, rolling my sleeves up and finding a few pens to defend myself with, presumably, until I died.

I hold the folks who broke into the Capitol with ill will in their hearts, destroying property,responsible for their actions. I don’t hold the former president who didn’t show up at the Capitol and threaten my life as responsible.

So, from my perspective, 99 percent of the folks who showed up at the Capitol were there to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. Those who broke into the Capitol, destroyed property and then were willing to chase those of us in the Senate chambers, I hold them accountable.

SEXTON: Even though former president Trump, or president Trump at the time tweeted, “be there, will be wild.” There’s no level of culpability there?

SCOTT: I’m not saying there’s no level of culpability. The question I’m answering is the one that I think is relevant, which is that, who do I hold responsible for the actions on that day. I can only hold responsible the very people who threatened my life, and the former president did not threaten me.

Someone needs to ask him why Charles Manson went to jail then. What a shameful display.

Tim Scott Is A Shameless Panderer

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