TikTok Woman Makes About $26K a Month as a Topless Maid (VIDEO)

A Tiktok female creator, @sincerest_sammi (Sammi) has revealed that she makes about $26K a month by just being a topless maid… yes, you read right, a topless maid.

She shared a video about her side hustle and even gave tips on how to go about it to make a career out of it.

Apparently, being a topless maid is a real job. According to ZipRecruiter, the average maid makes approximately $2,944 a month. But of course, Sammi is not average.

How does Sammi make that much from being a maid?

Instead of wearing a stuffy uniform from head to toe, she shows up to clients’ houses in skimpy clothing with cleaning products in tow. And as she explained in a TikTok video, she’s raking in approximately $26,000 a month just from this work.

“I do a bunch of stuff. I am a topless maid, I am a bikini car washer, I do OnlyFans, I’m a topless tractor mower, I’m a stripper, I’m a dominatrix, I do landscaping with a bikini on,” Sammi explains in a video.

Sammi topless maid

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TikTok Woman Makes About $26K a Month as a Topless Maid (VIDEO)

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