Throwback Thursday: Chuck Todd Edition

[This post was originally published on March 1, 2018. — eds]

It’s adorable to watch Chuck Todd clutch his pearls and “take on” Donald Trump’s constant lying.

Tonight I’m obsessed with the fake news. Not the phony fake news that the president talked about but the White House fake news. As we told you, Hope Hicks announced she plans to resign one day after she told the House committee that President Trump sometimes requires her to tell lies. Just white lies. Think about that. The White House Communications Director admits that she lies. Lies. Whatever the color, to the public. No one has attacked the credibility of the press more than President Trump and his White House and when confronted with an inconvenient fact, you know the drill. [compilation of Trump saying ‘fake news’] and now this White House admits what we all knew to be true, that much of what it tells us fake. So how are we supposed to know when the White House is telling the truth. How do we know when it is lying. How do we know when the White House is lying, whether it is telling a white lie or something worse. By the way, we believe all lies matter. Was it a white lie when President Trump said there was to collusion with the Russians or a white lie when he said there was no obstruction of justice? Was it a lie when he said he would drain the swamp, hire only the best and never groped women and wouldn’t benefit from his tax cut? You get the drill.

But those of us who’ve archived the multiple times Chuck Todd let a Republican lie on his own program are not impressed with Chuck’s new-found love for “all lies matter.”

Here’s Chuck Todd letting Ted Cruz lie about Planned Parenthood:

Here’s Chuck Todd letting two Republican congressmen lie about the Steele Dossier:

Here’s Chuck Todd letting Hugh Hewitt lie about Sean Spicer’s lies about Inauguration crowd size (because that was a thing)

Here’s Chuck Todd blaming Republican’s unprecedented obstruction against Obama, on the fact that (not making this up) Barack Obama is out fundraising for Democratic candidates.

Perhaps the most egregious (and for this, he should have been flat-out fired) example: Chuck Todd claiming it’s not his job to correct Republican lies on Obamacare, it was simply Obama’s job to “sell” his program.

All lies matter, Chuck? Thanks for bringing that up.

Throwback Thursday: Chuck Todd Edition

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