Three Girls To Smoke Nonstop for 150 Hours to Break World Record

Three young Nigerian women, self-identified as Pierce, Wendy, and one who goes by the name Fat b!tch€$, have boldly declared their intention to embark on a dangerous and potentially life-threatening feat they call the “Smoke-a-thon.”

The trio aims to smoke continuously for an astonishing 150 hours, in a reckless attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest group of jobless girls smoking.

They have shared their intentions online via a now-viral video and are seeking support from netizens to encourage and enable their dangerous endeavor.

Concerned viewers have raised alarm about the health risks and dangers associated with such prolonged smoking as they take to their posts to react.

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Train your children in a way they will give you peace of mind in future. What a wasted effort

As far you no be my family member, Biko carry on. You have my full support

Make them disable their page and delete them

Please God no let me born nonsense Abeg


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Three Girls To Smoke Nonstop for 150 Hours to Break World Record

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