Thief Apprehended Stealing Entire Board Of Bread In Accra (VIDEO)

A viral video that has just surfaced online as privy to captures the moment a young man was apprehended stealing an entire board of bread in Accra.

The thief who was tipped to have stormed the town from a nearby town stole over 20 loaves of bread on a display.

In the video, the young man was spotted being paraded through the town – some members of the community tried to lynch him however the bread seller was keen to protect him.

He was forced to carry the board of bread as the community folks parades him to a nearby police station.

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You know it won’t be viral if netizens didn’t react:

“Man must feed the family 😀 “

“Hunger 💔 Africans 😭”

“They for lash am hard 😁😁”

“He is the breadwinner so he must feed the family”


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Thief Apprehended Stealing Entire Board Of Bread In Accra (VIDEO)

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