The Zelda-themed Game & Watch handheld is half off today

Best Buy And walmart Do Zelda fans a good thing today by cutting the cost of the versatile Game & Watch handheld with multiple Zelda games in half. Normally $49.99, that’s it $29.99 at Best Buy. The real deal is at Walmart, where it currently costs $25. It might be just what you need to make time go away sooner Tears of the Kingdom appears on May 12.

This Zelda-themed Game & Watch was announced in 2021, and it’s Nintendo’s second franchise-themed revival of its oldest handheld, following a Mario-themed model. And, no kidding, this Game & Watch is a pretty cool gadget, complete with a backlit color screen and a USB-C charging port. For more information, you can check out Polygon EIC Chris Plante’s review of the package.

It contains the original Legend of Zeldathe NES sequel and the Game Boy entry Link’s awakening. Plus, you get a classic Game & Watch minigame styled with retro Zelda art assets that can function as a digital clock. That’s an impressive value at $49.99, let alone half the cost.

If you want to grab this device that serves as a love letter to Zelda’s early years wrapped in some modern technology, check out this deal before it expires.

The Zelda-themed Game & Watch handheld is half off today

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