The Top 5 Things Women Want to Hear

Language is crucial when it comes to interpersonal interactions. A carefully phrased remark has the same power to calm down your sweetheart as it does to enrage her. There are some phrases that practically every woman on earth would want to hear, even though no two women are exactly the same. In fact, we’ve compiled thirty of them right here, straight from the best relationship specialists. Then, once you’ve won her approval, turn up the heat by whispering any of the 13 sexiest things to a lady.

You Are Aware of My Love for You?

Then something extremely specific happened. According to Rebecca Burton, a certified marital and family therapist, “women love specifics.” We understand your affection for us, but why? Sweet nothings can become sweet somethings with a little more consideration.

Two “You’re Right.”

It’s sometimes preferable to acknowledge that she is correct and you are wrong. Most women can respect humility as a virtue. Knowing how to apologize also wouldn’t hurt.

Three “You Look Amazing.”

Simple but powerful. According to Melissa Divaris Thompson, a certified marriage and family therapist in New York City, “women want to hear that they are beautiful.” Although it may come off as superficial, the logic behind it is sound: “It helps women boost their confidence and feel more loved,” the speaker says. We also have more tips on how to charm any woman here.

“We’re All In This Together.”

Women enjoy hearing about your commitment. Naturally, this only functions if it is accurate. According to Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist in Colorado who is licensed to practice psychology, “most women want to hear your commitment to them because that creates security.” “They need to hear reassurance that you’re in it for the long haul and you’re committed to working things out,” he continues. “When you’re in a conflict and things feel insecure, they need to hear that you’re in it for the long haul and you’re committed to working things out.” Make sure you understand how to make that commitment last forever as well.

The previous night was incredible.

Kimberly Hershenson, LMSW, asserts that “women like to hear they are good in bed.” They desire to know that they are giving their spouse pleasure and that their partner is content with their sex life, just like men do. The 5 techniques to having your best sex ever—tonight—are what you should learn if you want some advice on spicing up the action in the bedroom.


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The Top 5 Things Women Want to Hear

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