The New Lenovo Legion Laptops: A Sneak Peek into the Legion 7i and Legion Pro 7i for 2024

Lenovo’s Legion laptops stand out as some of the best-performing devices in their class, and for good reason. They are highly popular, and in collaboration with Intel, this article is to provide you with an early look at two exciting additions to the Legion lineup – the Legion 7i and Legion Pro 7i.

The New Lenovo Legion Laptops: A Sneak Peek into the Legion 7i and Legion Pro 7i for 2024


Lenovo’s commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences is evident in these new offerings. The Legion Pro 7i is positioned as the go-to choice for competitive gamers seeking the utmost in powerful hardware and optimal performance. Meanwhile, the Legion 7 takes a unique approach, blending enthusiast gaming capabilities with a more conventional laptop design, departing from the traditional gamery aesthetic.

Design Innovation in the New Legion 7

The new regular Legion 7 immediately catches the eye with its pristine white color, a departure from previous Legion lineups available outside of North America. This sleek and clean design extends to every aspect, including white keys and a white bottom panel. Lenovo has successfully struck a balance between a thin and light profile and enhanced system wattage, achieving a design that caters to both enthusiast and everyday gamers.

Revolutionary Thermal System

One standout feature is the innovative thermal system. In contrast to the standard design seen in the previous Legion slim 7, the Legion 7 introduces a hyper chamber. This sealed-off section optimizes airflow, drawing cold air in through the fans and effectively dissipating heat. Notably, the device boasts no side ventilation, relying on a cleverly designed back panel for exhaust. Early impressions suggest a substantial improvement in performance, with increased wattage and lower temperatures, all within the same form factor and weight class.

Legion Pro 7i: Continuity in Excellence

The Legion Pro 7i maintains the proven vapor chamber thermal design of its predecessor, offering reliable cooling for optimal gaming experiences. Both the Legion 7i and Pro 7i run on Intel’s latest 14th gen core processors, providing a slight performance bump compared to the 13th gen. These processors, coupled with Lenovo’s overclocking capabilities, ensure unparalleled CPU performance.

Graphics Power and Battery Life

The Pro Models can be configured with up to an RTX 4090, while the regular models support up to an RTX 470. Despite being gaming laptops, both devices impress with commendable battery life, thanks to their sizable batteries. Although not the longest-lasting, they strike a balance between portability and high-performance gaming, making them suitable for students or professionals requiring potent devices for demanding tasks.

AI Chips for Enhanced Performance

Both laptops integrate Lenovo’s new AI chips, with the slim models featuring the latest LA3 version. These chips enhance performance under load, utilizing scenario detection and other tools to optimize the device’s capabilities.

Keyboard and Display Excellence

Lenovo’s Legion keyboard, inheriting excellence from the ThinkPad lineage, provides a superb typing experience. The keyboard shortcuts further elevate user convenience, allowing quick adjustments to keyboard profiles, RGB lighting, fan profiles, and screen refresh rates.

The Legion laptops boast impressive gaming displays, utilizing Pure Sight technology for excellent color gamut and brightness, reaching up to 240 Hz. The port selection varies between the two models, with the Pro version featuring an Ethernet Jack, while the regular model offers an SD card slot.


In conclusion, the new Legion 7i and Legion Pro 7i exemplify Lenovo’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming laptops. Whether you prioritize top-tier gaming performance or seek a blend of gaming prowess and everyday usability, these laptops offer compelling options. Keep an eye out for their official release to elevate your gaming experience in 2024!


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