The Great Bud Light Boycott Of 2023

You just knew that when Trae Crowder covered this Bud Light brouhaha, he would have some unique takes on it. Well, he did cover it now and he does not disappoint. Perhaps the sharpest point is wondering just exactly who was the one that was cruising trans-people’s TikTok accounts to see this in the first place.

He also goes on to mock the anti-woke crowd who think they’re going to own another woke company just like they did Disney or the NFL. We all should be suffering like these companies are. Crowder tells it straight out that they aren’t going to do diddlysquat to Anheuser-Busch.

And as if to prove his point, I found this Brent Terhune video from three years ago when – wait for it – the right were boycotting Bud Light because they were LGBT allies then too:

Maybe they figure they’ll just keep boycotting them over and over until they get it right. But really, who knows what these troglodytes are thinking? Or if they think at all?

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The Great Bud Light Boycott Of 2023

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