Taxi Driver Eats Kenkey While Driving Netizen In Town (PHOTOS)

A netizen, Kenneth, @TheKennethDarko on Twitter, took to his page to share a story of how a taxi driver he rode with in town was hungrily eating Kenkey with fish all through their journey.

Revealing that he boarded the taxi on his way to work he was amazed to find the driver busy downloading two balls of Kenkey and fish while driving.

“Could you believe I put my life in the hands of a taxi driver who ate 2 balls 🍛 of kenkey all through my journey to work today?”, Kenneth rhetorically questioned.

According to Kenneth, the driver revealed to him that he was even lucky this was pepper and not soup.

“He even told me I’m lucky it’s pepper coz if it was soup he would have still drank in addition. GHANA HERH!😂😂 PS: the kenkey was in the front seat.”, the noted sharing images from his experience.

taxi driver eats kenkey driving

Other netizens reacted:


“Lmaoooo he deserves an award for such a talent”


“You should be happy it’s kenkey, we once boarded a taxi where the driver was flying on the motor way. It wasn’t normal and then we realized alcohol was involved. He was reeking of fresh alcohol, we were in tears
That’s Ghana for you, everything is possible.”


“Something must kill a man 😆… Look at what food does to the human brain.. Na wa oo”

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Taxi Driver Eats Kenkey While Driving Netizen In Town (PHOTOS)

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