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Steve Mackey, Pulp bassist, has tragically passed away at 56 after having spent the last three months in hospital ‘fighting with all of his strength and determination’.

The band announced the death of the musician on Thursday morning as Katie Grand, his wife and heartbroken daughter, said that he had been secretly struggling with his health.

Fans were shocked to hear the news, five months after Steve announced he would not be participating in Pulp’s upcoming reunion.

Katie expressed her shock and grief at Steve’s passing in an emotional tribute, while the band paid respect to their ‘loved friend’.

Stylist Katie posted on Instagram: “After three months in hospital fighting with all his strength, determination, we are shocked to have to say goodbye to my brilliant and beautiful husband, Steve Mackey.

RIP, Pulp bassist Steve Mackey has tragically passed away at 56. The band released a statement saying that the musician died on Thursday morning (pictured 2011,).

Heartbroken: A Pulp Rock Band was formed in Sheffield in 1978. Mark Webber, Nick Banks and Jarvis Cocker were there. Steve Mackey, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey L-R 1998

“Steve passed away today. This loss has left me, my son Marley and his parents Kath and Paul, as well as Michelle and many of his friends, heartbroken.

“Steve was one of the most talented men I knew. He was a great musician, producer and photographer, as well as a filmmaker. He was loved by all who crossed his path in the many creative fields he conquered, just as he was in life.

“I want to thank all of the NHS staff for their tireless efforts in supporting Steve. He will be greatly missed.

“The family has requested privacy at this moment.”

Steve married Katie, his long-term girlfriend, in 2009, and they welcomed Marley in 1996.

Pulp, a rock band that was formed in Sheffield in 1978 shared a photo showing Steve while on tour in South America. In 2012, he wrote: “Our dear friend and bass player Steve Mackey died this morning.” We are thinking of his loved ones and family.

“This picture of Steve dates back to 2012, when Pulp was on tour in South America. Steve suggested that we climb in the Andes. So we did.

“It was an absolutely magical experience. It was far more magical than staring at the hotel wall all day (which, probably, is what we would have done).

They said, “Steve made it happen.” His life and the band. We would love to believe that he is back in the mountains, at the next stage of his adventures.

Emotional: “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of the NHS staff for their tireless efforts in support of Steve.” Katie paid her respects to him by writing, “He will be missed beyond words.”

“He will be missed beyond all words”: Katie expressed her shock at Steve’s passing in an emotional tribute (pictured March 2013).

Pulp shares a devastating photo of Steve during a South American tour in 2012, as they pay tribute to their beloved friend’.

Tribute: Pulp released the following statement: “Our dear friend and bass player Steve Mackey died this morning. We are thinking of his loved ones and family.

Moving: Steve was photographed in South America by the band in 2012, and they wrote “Steve made it happen.” We’d love to see him back in those mountains, in his personal life and in the band.

Devastating loss: Model Martha Hunt typed: ‘Oh no. We send love and strength to your family. Kim Jones, Dior’s creative director, added: “So sad love to you.”

He will be missed. One fan wrote, “He will truly be missed,” while another wrote, “So sorry to hear this news.” Many condolences to all who knew him.

‘Safe travels, Steve. We hope to see you again one day. All our love.’

There has not been an official cause of death.

Friends and fans shared condolences in the comments section.

Model Martha Hunt typed: ‘Oh no. We send love and strength to your family, Kim Jones, Dior’s creative director, added: “So sad love to all of you.”

One fan wrote, “He will truly be missed,” while another said, “So sorry to hear this news.” Many condolences to all who knew him.

Another one said, “Very sorry to see this.” RIP Steve. He was always a gentleman wherever we crossed paths and Pulp provided us with a crucial support slot during our early days, which greatly helped us.

Jake Humphrey, TV presenter, added: “My youth. RIP’.

The bassist, who had previously stated that he wouldn’t be participating in this year’s Pulp reunion tour, did not reveal that he was suffering from health issues.

Jarvis Cocker and Candida Doyle, Nick Banks, Mark Webber and Nick Banks had originally planned to reorganize to play many dates in the UK and Ireland.

The 26 May tour starts in Bridlington Spa. It also includes two festival appearances at Glasgow’s TRNSMT (7/7/77) and Latitude (21/7/11).

Steve shared a post to Instagram explaining that he would not be joining them.

He stated that he had decided to continue his work in music, filmmaking, and photography and would not be joining them at these UK shows.

“Wishing Candy and Nick and Mark the best for their forthcoming UK performances. Also, a huge thanks to Pulp’s incredible fanbase who have sent me beautiful messages today.

Last public appearance: Steve last appeared in May with Katie Grand (right), Harriet Verney, and Camille Benett at the Eternity Charity Fundraiser

Announcement: The bassist announced in October that he wouldn’t be joining the Pulp reunion tour this year – but didn’t share that he was secretly struggling with his health

Photography: He has shifted his attention to photography in recent years. His November post, which is shown above, was a photo of Alessandro Michele, fashion designer.

Steve is most well-known as the bass guitar for alternative rock band Pulp. He joined the band in 1989.

He is a record producer and has produced music and albums for M.I.A. and Florence + the Machine, The Long Blondes, Arcade Fire, and The Long Blondes.

Steve continued to record, write and tour with the band until they achieved success in the 1990s.

The following albums were recorded: Intro – The Gift Recordings; His ‘n’ Hers; Different Class; This Is Hardcore; and We Love Life.

They had a number of hits, including Common People and Sorted For E’s & Wizz.

After an eight-year break, Steve returned to Pulp and their world tours in 2011, 2012 and 2011. He was also a part of the fictional band The Weird Sisters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

In recent years, he has shifted his focus on photography and posted his work to Instagram.

His November post was a photo of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director and fashion designer from Italy.

At the time, he wrote: “Bravissimo Ale!” He was a true dreamer, always fearless, curious, inspiring, and fun to work alongside.

“Baroque, sacred sounds, musique concrete and industrial” It was a pleasure to work alongside you and other artists, musicians, groups, and performers from the past seven years. We are excited for your future endeavors!

Steve spoke out about being in a band during the nineties in an interview with Rough Trade in 1996.

He stated that he believed that if you’re in a popular band, you should enjoy it. This is what we have always wanted to do, and I don’t see anything wrong with being silly.

“You would be throwing away a little bit of a gold opportunity – you might as much as be a librarian your whole life.”

Steve stated that This Is Hardcore was his favorite song in 2014 and looked back on his time with the band.

He said to Now Then magazine, “We did a lot of things that we wanted.” We waited for someone to listen to us in the 90s and 80s.

“All other events are beyond our control.” We were able to set records at a time when it was possible to be very ambitious.

You could still use an orchestra to record a record in the 1990s. We grew up listening to Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, and John Barry. We wanted to be that way, and were fortunate enough to be able.

The band: Steve returned to Pulp after an eight-year absence. They went on their first world tours in 2011 (pictured in 2012).

Steve Mackey Death Know About Cause Of Die? The Talks Today

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