Sometimes You Adopt A Dog, Sometimes A Dog Adopts You

Dog owners will attest to the fact that sometimes, their dogs had picked them instead of the usual way of the human picking out the dog.

Scout is one of those types of dogs. Scout was brought into a shelter in the northern part of Michigan as a stray. Nothing was known about him except that he had apparently been abused and even shot at some time. One thing that wasn’t known about Scout was that he was an escape artist. One night, he climbed two different fences to get out of the shelter and then crossed a busy highway to get to a nursing home down the street. Once at the nursing home, he just strolled in and picked a couch and curled up to sleep.

He was returned to the shelter, but did the same damn thing a couple more times in short order. The administrator knew fate when she was seeing it and the shelter adopted the dog. Finally, after getting the stupey hoomins to understand that this was his place now, he got down to business. He makes his daily rounds, paying special attention to the residents who have treats or who might have memory issues or who are transitioning. And, of course, he lets all visitors know that this his place and that he’s watching them.

Having the love of a good dog is always something special. But when the dog seeks you out, it’s truly a blessing.

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Sometimes You Adopt A Dog, Sometimes A Dog Adopts You

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