Top 15 REQUIRED Windows Programs Everyone Should Have

Some Must Have Great Windows Programs

Windows is undoubtedly the most widely used desktop operating system globally, powering billions of PCs. While Windows itself comes pre-packed with various apps and tools, there remains a need for many additional programs that greatly enhance one’s digital life. From better web browsing and security to office productivity, media playback to quality of life utilities, some software have become practically indispensable.

This article lists down the top 15 must-have Windows programs and software in 2024 that no PC should do without. Ranging across various key computing needs and use cases, these programs represent the best-of-breed options one needs for a complete Windows experience. The selections cut across both free as well as paid software, striking a good balance between core functionality and value.

So whether you’ve just purchased a new Windows machine or looking to enhance your existing setup, outfit your computer with the top software picks listed here. They will boost your productivity, safeguard your data, allow you to do office tasks faster, stream multimedia seamlessly and generally make your digital activities easier. From versatile web browsers and security tools to creativity suites and gaming platforms, these are the 15 required programs every Windows user should install.

Windows programs I would recommend

Here are 15 essential Windows programs I would recommend everyone have installed:

  1. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – Popular web browsers that offer great speed and extensibility.
  2. Zoom or Microsoft Teams – Leading video conferencing and communication platforms for meetings, calls, chat etc.
  3. Microsoft Office (or LibreOffice for free alternative) – The standard suite for document, spreadsheet, presentation creation and editing.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – The standard program for viewing and working with PDF documents.
  5. WinRAR – File archiver for compressing and decompressing various file types.
  6. VLC Media Player – Feature-packed, open source media player supporting a wide range of video/audio formats.
  7. Malwarebytes – Widely used anti-malware scanner to keep your system clean.
  8. CCleaner – Utility for removing junk files and improving PC performance.
  9. 7-Zip – Open source file archiver with very high compression ratios.
  10. Paint.NET – Excellent free image and photo editing alternative to premium software.
  11. Revo Uninstaller – Superior uninstallation utility for completely removing programs including all leftovers.
  12. Dropbox – Leading cloud storage service for online file backup and synchronization.
  13. Steam – The most popular digital PC games storefront and platform.
  14. Slack – Top business communication platform with messaging, calls and file sharing.
  15. Discord – Free voice and text chat platform mainly targeted at gamers.

And there you have it – our handpicked selection of the top 15 essential software that no Windows setup should do without in 2024. From all-purpose web browsers and security tools to office suites, media apps and backup utilities, these programs represent the best options to optimize your PC.

While personal preferences can lead people to choose differently, we believe this collection covers a great balance of both free and paid software across the critical use-cases. They will seamlessly handle most daily tasks – whether its work or play. With powerful features, great interface and continual updates, these programs deliver excellence.

Most of the paid options like Microsoft Office also give you excellent value compared to their high costs previously. And ever-improving free alternatives like LibreOffice go even further in offering premium capabilities. The common aim is boosting productivity and quality of life. So why wait? Outfit your Windows computer with these must-have apps for the ultimate experience. And if we missed listing any great program that you rely on heavily, do let us know in the comments!


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