Some Big Men Are Planning To Kill Bongo Ideas

Bongo Ideas is by far the most creative young critic in the Ghana media space. Prior to his woke moment, he was regarded as a good-for-nothing troll.

However, in his recent thoughts leading to his post on social media, Bongo has switched his modus operandi to being a critical thinker.

Bongo Ideas

Of course, as a critic, most people have written him off their cool-note book. Regardless of that, Albert Nat Hyde has his feet deep on the gas pedal.

The latest news on Bongo Ideas is that ‘some big men’ are ‘planning on killing’ him.

A Jodel user shared the gist – he had been contracted to kill Bongo.

“We are planning on Killing Bongo Ideas
I’m with some big men
I cannot mention names
I’m just sad for Bongo but what can I say?
It’s my money I want”, the anonymous Model user dropped.

Would this slow Bongo from his usual criticism, including his recent one on the Asantehene?

Check out a screenshot below or visit for more related stories.

big men planning kill bongo ideas


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Some Big Men Are Planning To Kill Bongo Ideas

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