“She Is Pregnant For Me”

In a viral video available to us at occupygh.com, a man caused a scene at a wedding in the Samonda area of Ibadan as he disrupted the ceremony, claiming that the bride is his girlfriend.

The man also alleged that the bride was carrying his child, causing pandemonium at the ceremony.

The incident unfolded when the newlywed couple was en route to the reception and the bride’s supposed boyfriend intercepted them with his car.

He alleged that the bride had come from Lagos to marry his friend while already being pregnant with his child.

The groom, overwhelmed with anger and disbelief, began cursing his wife and abruptly removed his wedding ring, throwing it at her.

The intense confrontation led to the bride fainting, further escalating the chaotic atmosphere. The incident left guests in shock and disbelief as they witnessed the dramatic unraveling of what was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

As you would expect, we have some comments from netizens below:

“For the ex to have come with that news boldly meaning they have been meeting up of recent. In every lie there is truth.”

It’s better she wakes up and finish what she started

Removed the ring from his newly married wife and threw it on his wife…what does that even mean

“I don’t even know what to say, but do these people think marriage is a joke? Una never even settle down one day for house una done scatter.”

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“She Is Pregnant For Me”

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