Sharp-Eyed Sales Team Stops Car Thieves in Their Tracks at Atlanta Dealership |

On a rather uneventful day of October 18, 2022, the Landmark Atlanta dealership reported a suspicious couple trying to buy a car with fake IDs. The dealership’s sharp-eyed sales team quickly notified police in the neighboring city of Chamblee, who immediately began an investigation.


The local police took quick action and approached the couple upon their arrival at the dealership. The officers asked to see proper identification as a routine procedure, but the couple surprisingly claimed they were unable to produce such documents. They also stated that they had only met each other a day earlier, denying any prior involvement in the fraud.


The situation was an unusual one that caused a stir in the community and highlighted the importance of proper identification and security measures in businesses.

Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, the police took the couple into custody and handcuffed them during their investigation. A search of the female suspect’s bag revealed several fake identification documents, which prompted the male suspect to admit that the Mercedes they had arrived in belonged to her. The discovery of additional fraudulent identification documents in the vehicle further intensified the suspicion of foul play.


After being apprised of the gravity of their actions, both suspects surrendered and were remanded to the DeKalb County jail on charges of identity theft and use of forged IDs.


Sharp-Eyed Sales Team Stops Car Thieves in Their Tracks at Atlanta Dealership |

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