SH0CK as Ghanaian Man Buries Late Father in a Toyota Corolla Car In Navrongo (VIDEO)

A businessman, Dr Nobert in Navrongo in the Northern part of Ghana has buried his late father in a brand new Toyota Corolla as per a viral video that has just surfaced online.

Is this an extraordinary or attention-grabbing act – netizens have questioned.

In the video, the Ghanaian business tycoon left the community of Navrongo in disbelief after he chose to bury his late father in an unconventional manner.

According to the details, the tycoon went ahead to enact his insane act amidst calls from Environmental Protection Agencies, National Security, and other government bodies.

Defying traditional funeral customs, the man opted to lay his father to rest inside a Toyota Corolla, placing the deceased man in the seat of the vehicle.

The burial ceremony took place amidst a mix of awe and controversy, as locals expressed astonishment at the unprecedented choice.

Prior to the burial, Dr. Nobert reportedly rallied the deceased dad through the town in an extravagant way.

The deceased dad was reportedly buried in the house of the renowned doctor.

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SH0CK as Ghanaian Man Buries Late Father in a Toyota Corolla Car In Navrongo (VIDEO)

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