Seth Meyers Talks About Trump’s Never-Ending Crime Pass

There was a lot of late-night commentary last night, but I especially liked this response from Seth Meyers to Eric Trump. Via the Daily Beast:

Eric Trump took a slightly less hysterical, but even more hyperbolic, approach to pleading his dad’s innocence. In an interview with Fox News, Eric chalked all of the legal hoopla up to “the weaponization of politics” and noted that “at some point, the guy deserves a pass,” which is when Meyers really lost it.

“At SOME point?!,” the semi-shocked host asked. “The guy’s entire life has been a pass! It’s like Trump has an Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass, but for crime.” And for anyone who forgot any of Trump’s many infractions, Meyers was ready with a partial list:

“He was accused of racial discrimination and violating the Fair Housing Act 50 years ago. He spent years engaged in serial tax fraud with the millions he inherited from his father. He bragged about sexual assault on a bus. He colluded with one foreign country, tried to extort another foreign country to help him cheat an election, and he stared at a fucking eclipse! And got away with it! Your whole life, people tell you not to stare at an eclipse. This dude does it, he’s FINE!”

Seth Meyers Talks About Trump’s Never-Ending Crime Pass

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