Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S24+ vs S24 Ultra (Don't Waste $500)

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S24+ vs S24 Ultra (Don’t Waste $500)

Galaxy S24 vs S24+ Additional review

Display – out of the box, they have the same resolution

Ultra has QHD as well and all are flat

6.8” vs 6.7” vs 6.2” display – but boxy corner gives Ultra more real estate

Same 120Hz and the same peak brightness of 2600 nits
Bezels look different

One hand test
boxy edges make reaching easier

Same 4 colors + online exclusive colors linked below – I have a link below that will give you an enhanced trade-in credit and double the storage for free

Titanium vs Aluminum
Glass = Victus 2 vs Victus 2 on the back and Gorilla Armor on the front (75% reflection reduction)

All have the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy processor, but depending on the region, the 24 & 24+ will have the Exynos 2400 chip sadly

Same AI features

weight = 5.93oz vs 6.24oz vs 8.22oz

45W charging vs 25W charging

12GB vs 8GB RAM (run a test to show the difference)
More storage – 256/512 vs 256/128 vs 256/512/1tb

Camera test
All have 12MP front, 12MP ultrawide, and 10MP 3x
200MP vs 50MP wide angle
Bonus – 50MP 5x

Battery test (5000 vs 4900 vs 4000mAh)

Wifi 7 vs 6E
S24 lacks UWB

All have 7 years of updates
All have the same AI software features like real-time call translation, circle to search, photo editing, chat enhancement, and summarizing

Price = $799 vs $999 vs $1299

Power users will want the S-pen and superior cameras. I certainly do.

Between the + and regular models
I think most users will not notice the increase in resolution
I think most users will not notice the extra ram
Faster charging is great, but I typically charge on a wireless stand overnight, so these are identical in that regard
I would personally prefer a more one-handed phone, so I think the S24 might be the move here
The 24 is still a meaningful jump in performance and quality over the 23 FE but I will make a comparison video with that in the future.

unless you want the larger display for media or multitasking, or if you expect to use the extra RAM and faster charging


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