Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - Unveiling the Mega Update!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Unveiling the Mega Update!

In the ever-evolving realm of smartphones, Samsung has rolled out a game-changing update for its Galaxy S24 Ultra, promising a host of improvements and fixes. Let’s delve into the details of this much-anticipated enhancement.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - Unveiling the Mega Update!

The Crucial Update

The latest update addresses critical bugs and screen issues that have been affecting some early recipients of the Galaxy S24. Users who pre-ordered the device and received it ahead of the official release noticed a problem with the display. Fortunately, Samsung is well aware of this issue and is actively working on a fix, as confirmed by their chat support agents.

According to a screenshot circulating online, a chat between a Samsung support agent and a Galaxy S24 user indicates that the company is diligently working on resolving the display issues through a forthcoming software update. Samsung assures users that the upcoming update will rectify the problems plaguing the Galaxy S24.

The new Galaxy S24 ships with One UI 6.1 and the January 2024 security patch. Despite the initial hiccups, the reassurance from Samsung’s developer team instills confidence that the display fix will soon be on its way.

Unveiling New Bugs and Issues

While the display issue takes center stage, users have reported various bugs and problems with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Here’s a snapshot of the reported issues:

  1. Robert Price faced non-stop crashes in Pokémon Go and stutters in Dock and battle on the S24 Ultra.
  2. ComiCon boooo encountered problems with the Samsung Me In app, incorrectly stating some files are too large to attach.
  3. Sor of Jane 10686 observed a 70% decrease in image quality after taking a screenshot with the S Pen.
  4. Real ofur reported a green tint issue, and J 5,182 highlighted problems with opening some Facebook photo links resulting in a black screen.
  5. Ronald joint 1,169 faced difficulty pairing Bluetooth with the HDA Pilot Touring 2014 hands-free link.
  6. Joe prer 9,961 identified a software bug while streaming audio to Bluetooth speakers.
  7. AB rer PC 9,532 reported issues with the S Pen not working properly on the screen when making a note.
  8. Asher 5,372 raised concerns about grainy diagonal lines on low brightness, considering it a gamebreaker and indicating plans to return the phone.

These user reports showcase a range of issues from performance glitches and software bugs to hardware problems, indicating some challenges with the S24 Ultra.

AI Phones List

Samsung has confirmed that the new Galaxy artificial intelligence features will be available on several devices, including the Galaxy S24 series, S23 series, S23 Fan Edition, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series. The Galaxy S24 series comes equipped with One UI 6.1 and Galaxy artificial intelligence, while other devices will receive these features through a One UI 6.1 update in the first half of 2024.

S23 FE One UI 6 Update

Good news for Galaxy S23 Fan Edition users! According to leakster Taran Vats, a new build of One UI 6.1 has been spotted in internal test servers for the Galaxy S23 Fan Edition. This suggests an imminent rollout, with ongoing tests for other devices in the Samsung lineup.

More Bugs and Issues

The saga of reported issues with the S24 series continues, ranging from camera problems to connectivity issues. Here’s a quick rundown of additional reported problems:

  1. Darker videos when recording with the selfie camera at higher frame rates.
  2. Dark photos when using camera-dependent apps like Instagram and Snapchat.
  3. Blurry video quality during video calls on apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.
  4. Heating issues and charging problems with wireless chargers.
  5. Connectivity problems with wired headphones through the USB-C port.
  6. Unexpected crashes of the One UI software.
  7. Various issues with the S Pen features.
  8. Signal reception problems, especially with 6GHz Wi-Fi networks.
  9. Inconsistent colors and soft selfies from the S24 Ultra camera.
  10. Problems with the fingerprint scanner and other software-related issues.


As a bonus, Samsung is offering a special discount for those considering the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, or the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Avail up to $750 in instant trade-in credit until March 30, plus an additional $150 instant Samsung credit, including an exclusive extra $50.

That wraps up our comprehensive update on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and its latest developments. Share your thoughts in the comment section, and stay tuned for more exciting updates.


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