Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough, Guide, and Gameplay

Rusty Lake Hotel 

Rusty Lake holds a significant position in the Cube Escape series. It comprises an extensive lake surrounded by eerie structures and peculiar individuals. Key features of Rusty Lake include a Cabin situated on an island, a stone Bridge that spans the interconnected river, a Chapel, a Cave, and a Mill along the shore.

The Vanderboom House is built on a nearby hill, while a Graveyard is located on the other side amidst the trees. Below the lake lies an unusual Forest, housing a variety of strange creatures. Although the location of the Theatre is unclear, it is presumed to be situated near Rusty Lake.

The Lake possesses mystical properties and is home to aquatic creatures such as Shrimp, Shells, and Fish. Numerous other fish inhabit the depths of the Lake. Rusty Lake and cubes constitute the “core” of every event that has occurred in the Cube Escape series.

Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough

In order to obtain all the ingredients for each recipe and acquire all the stars in the game along with the secret specialty item, it is necessary to follow a particular order while navigating through the rooms, ensuring that none of the ingredients are missed. The starting point for each recipe is the lobby, and the first ingredient found there determines which room to visit next if you aim to obtain all the Perfect recipes.

The Lobby

1. You start in the lobby. Talk to Mr. Crow. He tells you to serve the guests the local delicacy. Pick up all the shrimp cocktails. Enter the kitchen and talk to Mr. Toad. He’ll show you how to access all the recipes. The first one you need to pay attention to is Mr. Deer’s.

2. Go around the room and give shrimp cocktails to Mr. Rabbit, Ms. Pigeon, Mr. Boar, Ms. Pheasant, and Mr. Deer.

3. Tap on Ms. Pigeon’s cocktail and she should say that she’s going to her room. Tap again and all the guests go to their rooms.

4. Back in the lobby, answer the phone. It’s Mr. Owl and he tells you to look at his portrait.

5. Turn around and find the portrait. Take the mushrooms from his hand. That’s the first ingredient for the deer steak with mushrooms and rosemary recipe.

6. Get in the elevator and go up to the 1st floor. Enter Room 1 for Mr. Deer.

Mr. Deer’s Room

1. Mr. Deer wants you to make a Bloody Mary for him. Pick up the “wodka” and the key. Also, read the recipe for Bloody Mary and “Mr. Deer’s Research Plan” on the wall. Memorize the stamp on the research plan. The Bloody Mary calls for blood, wodka, Tabasco, and a special ingredient. Add the wodka to the glass and you’ll have an empty canteen.

2. Tap on the deer skull on the wall to get an antler to grow. Keep tugging on parts of it until both antlers grow and the nose bleeds. Fill the empty vodka bottle with some Tabasco sauce. Also, make the rosemary grow and take it. That’s another recipe ingredient!

3. Add Tabasco to the glass.

4. Turn right and use the scales to figure out how much each of the symbols weighs. You can see the “+” is 1, the triangle is 3 and the spiral is 5.

5. Use the key to unlock the cabinet full of beakers and flasks. We’ll come back to that soon.

6. Turn right and grab the empty bucket. Also, open the drawer to get a box of matches. And last, take the glass jar from the grinder.

7. Turn right and open both windows. Place the bucket on the rope outside the left window and use the pulley to lower it and fill it with water. Use the glass jar to catch the butterfly outside the right window.

8. Now the locked box is in the middle. Use the numbers from the weights to unlock it and get the knife. It goes 3531.

9. Go back to the beakers and flasks. Pour the water from the bucket into them and pour it back and forth until you get 8oz in the 10oz flask. To do so, first pour 5oz from the 6oz bottle into the 10oz bottle. Pour the remaining 1oz into the 5oz bottle. Pour 6oz from the 10oz bottle into the 6oz bottle. Pour 4oz from the 6oz bottle into the 5oz bottle. Pour the 5oz bottle into the 10oz bottle so there’s now 9oz in it. Pour the 2oz from the 6oz bottle into the 5oz bottle. Pour 6oz from the 10oz bottle into the 6oz bottle. Pour 3oz from the 6oz bottle into the 5oz bottle. And last, add the 5oz from the 5oz bottle to the 10oz bottle to get 8oz. Take the bottle.

10. Light the candle under the Bunsen burner, then add the 8 oz of water. We’re still missing something.

11. Look at the framed art of different butterflies. Take a screenshot or memorize it.

12. Add the butterfly next to the two moths. Tap them in the sequence you see in the painting. Take the seed from the top one.

13. Use the matches to light the lamp. Pour some water from the bucket into the pot of dirt next to the lamp and add the seed. Close the glass, then tap the plant until it grows and turns into poisonous seeds. Take them.

14. Use the knife on Mr. Deer to make him bleed. Fill the empty canteen with his blood. Add the blood to the glass. Only one ingredient left!

15. Place the glass jar back on the grinder and add the poisonous seeds. Grind them into a poisonous powder.

16. Place the poisonous powder on the Bunsen burner, then take the poison. Add the poison to the drink. Take the Bloody Mary.

17. Give the drink to Mr. Deer and tap him to make him drink. Zoom out and he’ll start choking and die. Use the knife on him to get some of his meat for the recipe. This annoyed me a bit — why couldn’t we just kill him with the knife instead of poisoning him? Anyway, you should now have all three ingredients you need for the deer steak recipe.

Back in The Lobby

1. You can now pick up the key for the first room behind Mr. Crow. Then insert it in Mr. Deer’s keyhole in the locked safe. The same stamp was on the research plan in his room.

2. Go to the kitchen and give the ingredients to Mr. Toad so he can cook up the deer steak and serve it to the remaining guests. You should get 3 stars for it.

3. Talk to Mr. Crow. He tells you to check his pocket. Do so to find a carrot for the rabbit stew.

4. Head up to the second floor and go into Room 4 for Mr. Rabbit since we have the first ingredient for his recipe.

Rusty Lake Hotel Guide

Rusty Lake Hotel is a puzzle game that takes place in a mysterious and creepy hotel, where the player must solve a series of puzzles and interact with the hotel’s guests to uncover the dark secrets of the place. Here’s a guide to help you progress through the game:

  1. Check-in and Explore: At the beginning of the game, you will arrive at the hotel as Mr. Owl. Explore the lobby area and interact with the hotel staff to get a sense of the surroundings. Also, check out the different rooms in the hotel and the characters that occupy them.

  2. Room 1 – Mr. Rabbit: Once you enter Room 1, you will find Mr. Rabbit, who is hungry. Go back to the lobby area, and you will find a cake. Bring the cake back to Mr. Rabbit to progress.

  3. Room 2 – Mr. Deer: In Room 2, you will find Mr. Deer, who is a bit sick. Interact with the medicine cabinet in the room to find the necessary medicine to cure Mr. Deer.

  4. Room 3 – Mr. Boar: In Room 3, you will find Mr. Boar, who is upset about his lost luggage. Interact with the luggage cart in the lobby to find his luggage and bring it back to him.

  5. Room 4 – Mr. Crow: In Room 4, you will find Mr. Crow, who is feeling a bit down. Interact with the gramophone in the room to play some music and cheer him up.

  6. Room 5 – Mr. Elephant: In Room 5, you will find Mr. Elephant, who needs help with his laundry. Interact with the laundry machine in the lobby to get his laundry done.

  7. Room 6 – Mr. Horse: In Room 6, you will find Mr. Horse, who is worried about his painting. Interact with the painting in the room to find the necessary tools to fix it.

  8. Dinner Time: After completing all the tasks in each room, you will be invited to a dinner party. Interact with the different guests and try to uncover their secrets.

  9. The Puzzle Room: After dinner, you will be locked in a room with a puzzle. Solve the puzzle to progress to the next stage.

  10. The Final Showdown: In the final stage, you will need to solve one last puzzle to uncover the dark secrets of the hotel.

Rusty Lake Hotel Overview

Rusty Lake Hotel is a mysterious point-and-click adventure developed by the creators of the Rusty Lake & Cube Escape series. It exudes an atmosphere of suspense and surrealism, where unexpected events can occur at any moment. As players progress through the game, they will gradually unravel the enigmatic secrets of Rusty Lake.

As of June 2021, the series has released ten primary games, five spin-offs, and a collection. The games feature music by Victor Butzelaar, except for Cube Escape: Seasons, which is composed by Kevin Macleod. In June 2017, the official site for the Cube Escape series received three million views, while Kongregate garnered two million views.

Rusty Lake Hotel Gameplay

The gameplay of Cube Escape involves the player utilizing point-and-click controls to navigate through cubic rooms, collect items, and obtain clues to aid in their escape. While premium games like Rusty Lake: Roots follow a similar gameplay pattern, they don’t necessarily feature cubical rooms.

In the spring of 2015, Robin and Maarten, influenced by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks released a series of surrealistic room escape games for Android and iOS, resulting in the creation of the Cube Escape series. That same year, they began releasing premium games, thus establishing the Rusty Lake series. Every game in the series is interconnected, further intensifying the enigma of Rusty Lake, and revolves around detective Dale Vandermeer’s inquiry into the death of Laura Vanderboom.

Rusty Lake Hotel Trailer

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Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough, Guide, and Gameplay

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