Russian State Media Shows Crimean Elementary Students With Kalashnikovs

Some early indoctrination and propaganda by the Russians. For a side that continually claims they’re “winning”, they seem to be doing an excessive amount of mostly useless preparation (PR exercises) for Ukraine’s expected late spring/early summer offensive.

Source: Business Insider

A new video shared by Russian state media shows schoolchildren in Crimea training with rifles and engaging in hand-to-hand combat drills. The lessons appear to be part of a military training course that students across grade levels are participating in.

In the video, originally shared by RIA Novosti Crimea, students first handle rifles in a competitive timed exercise. The guns appear to resemble Kalashnikov rifles, which students take apart, clean, and reload. “Who won?” a student asks as the exercise ends.

The video then transitions to a hand-to-hand combat exercise. During the lesson, nine students showcase basic martial arts stances while handling guns that also appear to resemble Kalashnikov rifles.

According to a translation, RIA Novosti Crimea reported that this is one of the first schools to host these basic military training lessons.

They’ve also made 200km of trenches on Crimean beaches, assuming an amphibious landing by a country that doesn’t even have a navy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Russian State Media Shows Crimean Elementary Students With Kalashnikovs

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